Thursday, October 4, 2007

Josh Beckett Pitches a Shut-Out in Game 1 of the 2007 ALDS

Oh yes, yes he DID!!!!!!!

The night started out great - the weather was a comfortable 63 degrees and the Standells did an Amazing rendition of the National Anthem, followed by a flag being draped over the Monster and a flyover. Then they broke into their (one) hit - DIRTY WATER!

Flag - Standells Playing the National Anthem and Dirty Water

Beckett gave up a single to Chone Figgins to start the game, but went on to retire the next 19 batters in order!!! He ended up with a complete game shut out (the first time a Red Sox pitcher has done this in the post-season since Luis Tiant in 1975! And the first time a MLB pitcher has done it since...well...himself in 2003). He gave up 4 hits over 9 innings, walked nobody, struck out 7. He was amazing and proved himself to be the Cy Young pitcher we all KNOW he is!

The Sox continued to give trouble to Lackey
who gave up 9 hits in 6 innings including two home runs from YOUK and PAPI! There were a couple of bad calls (um, ump - Cabrera NEVER touched Lugo and Manny's 3rd called strike in the 5th was outside!) but all in all it was an AMAZING game and a great night to be at Fenway Park. Coco, Lowell and Ellsbury all made fantastic defensive plays to contribute to this well-deserved win.

I'm tired, and not to witty so I'll leave you with this - a very unsteady shot (sorry had to get my high fives in!) of the last out of the game (a fly ball by Anderson to center field). GOOOOOO SOOOOOOXXXXXX!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice! So jealous you were there, Go Sox!

- Derek, SawxBlog

s1c said...

Glad you had fun! Good game to go to that is for sure!