Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rox Slide!

Game 1 2007 World Series
Red Sox 13 - Rockies 1

Wow. Thirteen times, in case you were counting.

I can do nothing but post random thoughts about this game b/c my head is still spinning (and I'm a bit tired to boot!)
  • Pedroia? Holy.Shit.
  • Youks? Can he get any better?
  • Drew - I don't see it yet, but I need to document this somewhere. Last week my brother said "If the Red Sox make it to the World Series, JD Drew will be your MVP"
    • I was also IMing with my brother last night here is part of the conversation
      SoxyLady: I seriously think I'm in love with Josh Beckett right now, seriously.
      Brother: Me too, weird!
  • The only thing I am really enjoying about seeing these games on Fox is getting to hear random conversations b/c of strategically placed mics.
    • There was the Ump talking to Beckett about the wet balls - nothing really exciting, but I still have always wondered how they talk to each other
    • Then there was this gem. The convo between Royce Clayton and Coco Crisp was priceless - simply priceless
      • I want my free taco! Somebody steal a base!
As promised here are the statistics for those Cape League Alumni who took part in last night's game. Charts created by SoxyLady, stats taken from

2B: Youkilis 2 (2, Francis, Morales), Varitek (1, Francis), Lowell (1, Morales).
HR: -
TB: Youkilis 4; Lowell 2; Varitek 3;
RBI: Varitek 2 (2), Youkilis (1), Ellsbury (1).
2-out RBI: Varitek 2; Youkilis; Ellsbury; Pedroia.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Lowell; Youkilis 2.

DP: (Pedroia-Lugo-Youkilis).

2B: Atkins (1, Beckett), Helton (1, Beckett).
TB: Helton 3; Atkins 2.
RBI: -
2-out RBI: -
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Hawpe.

Congratulations to Kevin Youkilis, who was unanimously voted* as the first ever "Cape League Alumni Player of the Game"

(photo courtesy of Getty Images Brad Mangini)

(Photo Courtesy of Glob Staff Jim Davis)

*The voting went as follows:
SoxyLady: Youk. He went 2-5, scored three runs and had a 2-out RBI. The man's on fire.
Soxy's Brother: Youk for his hustle on Ortiz's double to the monster - scoring from 1st on what should have been a single to LF.
Soxy's Dad: Youk, hands down

On a side note, as a Sox fan maybe we should have voted Speier as player of the game? He came in, walked three runs in and came out of the game with a 0.00 ERA (leaving the pitcher before him, Morales, with a 94.50 ERA!) Now that's crafty!


Sam said...

hey great article. I love the stats from the cape leauge stats. Being from the Cape I love to see those guys thrive, esspecially on the sox.
Great Article

ArtyBaby said...

Hey Soxy -- the Sox are up 2-0, going into Colorado. Everyone on the planet Earth including my dog is expecting the Sox to clean house with these guys.

The Angels think: ...that they were injured. These guys put up a good team every year. Good thing the Sox took them seriously kids.

The Indians think: Oh wait, the Indians didn't seal the deal. The fans calling in on Fox radio saying they were looking forward to "the blank sad faces of Red Sox fans as their team gets wiped out of the playoffs" have mysteriously stopped calling. Hard when your team gets whapped after being up 3-1, eh? Pick up your bat Lofton.

The Yankees think: oh wait, who gives a rat's ass what the Yankees think? Does anyone in Boston still feel like we have to beat that lame-ass team to make the WS "mean something?"

Sorry guys, don't mean to gloat, but you started it. Tell you what, here...have a bite of my taco...

amanda said...

Hey SoxyLady!
So I have been reading your blog for about a year... anyhow, I have a question that I am hoping you can answer. I found a link to this ( on youtube, and am wondering if you have any idea where the modeling photos of Beckett came from? Did I miss an article he appeared in? I can't find info on a photoshoot myself, and I would love to see more (he's my hero, from way before his stint began with the Sox) Got any ideas? Know anything I have missed? Thanks!