Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Torre's Swan Song

So RSN, that's it....Joe Torre in all likelihood is no longer a member of the Evil Empire since they were unable to advance to the ALCS. He could be "taking with him" AFraud, Rivera, Posada and Clemens. What a different team the MFY will look like next year.

I have to admit a few things

  • I was pissed when AssRod got his first RBI on the post season since 2004. Nevermind the fact his solo homer put a run on the board for the bad guys, I just didn't want to see him have any success.
  • I almost cried from happiness when the cameras panned to Johnny Demon watching the Tribe celebrate with that absent look on his face. Stupid MF moron. Take that @sshat.
  • I laughed when I saw AssRod sitting, crying, in the dugout alone, while the Indians were celebrating on HIS field. I'd like to say I'd pay a lot of money to read his thoughts at that moment, but I think we can all pretty much guess what he was thinking. Not the least of which, he just kissed ANOTHER chance for a World Series Ring goodbye.
  • I felt sad for Rivera and Torre. I'm not being snide, I mean it. I think they are both class acts and have brought a lot to this game (albeit for the wrong team). It saddened me to see them so upset, until I thought of 2003 and AaronFBoone, then I didn't feel so bad.
  • I imagined Jonathan Papelbon was at home in his jock strap doing a little jig when the Yankees lost. If for nothing else, it brought on sweet dreams.
and now, it's on to the Tribe. GO SOX!


CousinErin said...

I like Torre and Rivera too. I'll always remember Rivera laughing at his standing ovation on opening day in 2005. Think A-Hole would do that? He usually just refuses to throw the ball into the stands after getting the third out.

The RS Bat Boy said...

Truly the end of an era that should have been done some 7 years ago!

Most likely this team will finish in last place next year!

and now on to something Soxy!

Sox in 5! Sweep the WS again!

See you at the parade. Maybe I'll even show you my bat?