Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Tribe Crushes the Yankees 12-3


jddrewsucks said...

manny delcarmen comes out to creed but i can't think of what the song is called. jd drew does not have a song because that is jd drew, he has to be difficult. pedroia has the best at bat song and its been a mystery to me all season. i have seen on other red sox at bat songs sites that it comes off a soundtrack. schilling no longer warms up to welcome to the jungle, i was at his last 2 home starts and its something heavy. gagne took the song from him haha. as far as pregame music goes, "join us" is actually called magic to do. don't forget walk like an egyptian when the sox draw a walk. they play zombie nation and boom boom boom after a sox homerun and beautiful people by marilyn manson after getting a hit during a rally, just the opening riff to it.

Soxy Lady said...

Nice! See the updates below. Thanks jddrewsucks!