Sunday, October 21, 2007

ALCS Game Six

My fiance were lucky enough to be two of the 37,163 in attendance for Game Six of the ALCS where the Red Sox beat the Cleveland Indians 12-2.

My goal was to get to the park early to try and catch as much batting practice as possible. I don't have the luck, patience or equipment to get great pictures like some of the other Sox bloggers out there, but I tend to hold my own.

Manny, Lowell and Papi
Manny, Lowell and Papi

The Cleveland players "work out" kept getting in the way of my pictures and I didn't want to get a ton of pictures of the opposing team, like the last time I made batting practice. So I decided to head over to the Red Sox dugout to see if I could catch any players milling around and on my way there, I spotted Mr. Johnny Pesky down on the field.

Johnny Pesky!

Before I knew it, he threw a ball my way. I said "Mr. Pesky, will you please sign my ball?" and he responded "Only if you call me Johnny, please."

Johnny Pesky Signing Balls

My signed Pesky Ball! Johnny in the Background

There's not much I can say about how cool that moment was for me. I felt like a little kid myself texting and calling everyone I knew, who would care about what had just happened.

I got a few other shots of random people, including these of Tina Cervasio. She was really much prettier in person than I think she is on TV, but somebody needs to tell her - she does NOT need to put on any more makeup! And stop fussing with your hair every two seconds Tina, it looks great!

Tina Cervasio trying to put even more makeup on

Tina Cervasio

And then there was Orsillo. It was great to see him, and his big shiny head at the park. Surprisingly, he isn't that big or that tall of a guy, save for his head.

Don Orsillo

Don Orsillo

What were the highlights of the game for me? Wow...there were so many.
  • Getting the Pesky signed ball
  • Our FanFoto picture
  • Bill Mueller throwing out the first pitch
  • The announcement of Jacoby Ellsbury starting in center
  • Schillings 1-2-3 first inning
  • The infield singles in the first inning for Pedrioa and Youk, followed by the walk by Papi to load the bases and then JD Drew's Grand slam!!!!!
  • Seeing Ellsbury's first ALCS hit in the third, batting through the order and hearing the announcement that Manny Ramirez became the first player in LCS history to walk twice in one inning
There were so many more great moments, I left the park half deaf (I think my ears are still ringing) and I wouldn't have it any way. It was a fantastic and magical night. GOOOOOO SOX!!!!!

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someonewhoisdefinitelynoterinbiscoe said...

Bill Mueller threw the first pitch!? I hate Fox! Why do they have to broadcast a thousand commercials and skip over something like that!?
I'm so jealous! That had to be the coolest night ever! How were your seats? I feel better knowing fans like you were at the game. There were an awful lot of alligator-shirts and Boston Watermelon-rooters sitting behind the plate.
By the way, nice photography work with the autographed ball in focus in the foreground and Johnny Pesky seated in the background. I dare anybody to tell you you're lying about it happening with that picture as proof!