Monday, October 8, 2007


So I slacked this weekend. But I needed to. It was a "ME" weekend and that meant putting the lap top down and focusing on other things...which is what I did. Here are my short thoughts, just to get them out there:

Friday Night Highlights

  1. Joba Bugs out literally and figuratively. This picture does not due the bug nastiness justice. I mean these guys (both teams) were covered in gnat-like creatures and nothing was keeping them away. They would have the bug spray put on, and it would just sweat right off. It was great. Plus Joba is now 0-1 in the post-season.

    (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

  2. Manny stands and delivers. Those silly Angels just don't get that you can't continue to walk Big Papi and get away with it. Manny is a bad man and will make you pay! OH AND HE DID! Walk off style! His first walk off homerun as a member of the Red Sox Organization.

(Reuters Photo,

Saturday Highlight
  1. Praise the Lord! The Colorado Rockies were lights out and swept the Philadelphia Phillies in the NLDS! They go on to play the Arizona Diamondbacks in the NLCS series.

Sunday Highlights
  1. Senor October and Bad Manny do it again, to the tune of back to back homeruns against the Angels. Curt Schilling sets in a grove and masters the plate, Oki-doke gets his job done and then son-of-a-bitch GAGME is brought in. Mind you, we have a 9-0 lead at this point, but if anyone can lose a game with that lead, it's him. And he didn't completely disappoint, giving up one, completely unnecessary run. However, we win and sweep the Angels in the ALDS and will be going on to play either Cleveland or the Stankees. WOO!!!

    (Jim Davis, Globe Staff,
  2. Steinbrenner sucks, he gives the Stankees some momentum. And honestly, I think the Stankees should love the Red Sox b/c if it weren't for Johnny Demon and Trotty Nixon they might not have won last night. So we're on to game 4 of the Cleveland vs New York Series. If there is a MFY win tonight, Game 5 is back on the home turf of the Tribe. And I like Joe Torre, I hope things work out for him....but I'm not willing to pay the price of a Yankees World Series just for him to potentially keep his job.
Enough said!

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