Thursday, July 31, 2008

Going, Going, Gone

Manny Being Manny is going to the LA Dodgers.
Sox are getting Jason Bay.
Pirates are getting Brandon Moss, Craig Hansen*, Bryan Morris and Andy LaRoche (who is the younger brother of Bucks first baseman Adam).

Did we get enough for giving up Manny, paying the rest of his contract, Moss and Hansen?

I don't know. I still need to wrap my head around it. In my initial opinion, the Pirates made out and their new GM did what he needed to do.

But damnit, I was secretly cheering for Torre to get his ring if the Sox didn't get more, sorry Joe, at least not this year. But damn that would have been awesome to shove in the face of the MFY!

*No love lost for Hansen, he was Yankees fan anyway

Sometimes It's OK to Walk Instead of Run

Honestly, I'm ready for Manny to go and I keep meaning to post about it (like the rest of the blogesphere) but I haven't been able to bring myself to do it.

What I do have to say is, "Sox, stick to your guns"

It is becoming increasingly apparent that certain teams are trying to take advantage of the "situation" with Manny in Boston.

Not only do the Marlins want the Sox to pay the remainder of Manny's $7M contract (which they said they would do) - but now they want an additional $2M? For what? That's insanity.

And I'm not entirely positive of the prospects the Pirates were offered by the Sox, but they apparently don't think they are good enough. This coming from a team who consistently trades away their best players for nothing.

Look, we're ready to deal but we're not effing stupid.

I hope Theo is on the phone with Ned Colletti right now.

Enough Said

It was the first time our Sox were swept at home since 2006. It was pathetic. It was the first game in YEARS where I couldn't "feel the love" in the park.

Our Ace, Beckett was due a win. And a good one. He struck out 8 in 5 1/3 innings....but he also gave up 11 hits, 7 earned runs and missed backing up the plate on a play. Blahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

On a positive note, it was All Star recognition night for the Cape Cod Baseball League at Fenway Park and I got to see my host "brother" on the field, and sit with him for part of the game. Pictures to come.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Life Has Been Stolen - Beaver Brook Reservation Theft

I have started posts about fans who should not be allowed in Fenway Park and a "Dear Manny" letter but all is on hold right now. My life has been stolen.

Let me back up...

Earlier today my husband surprised me by renting a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM Telephoto Zoom Lens for me to try out with my camera.

I've been wanting a "hefty-duty" lens for a while (even though I have NO skills with my professional camera yet). Instead of dropping $1600, he rented one for me (only they didn't have a lens with IS in stock to rent, so we got the one without IS) to practice with....and to see if I like it.

We're going to Fenway Park tomorrow, where they will be honoring the Cape Cod Baseball League All-Stars before the game - including the players who live with my dad. It's the perfect time to try it out.

I was so excited and we decided to take Spike to one of the local dog parks around 7pm - Beaver Brook Reservation - to try and get used to the settings. On the way out of the house I noticed my purse on the table and thought self, you should bring your license if anything happens, you'll need identification....but since your license is only a huge temporary paper license and you have a big bulky wallet, just bring the whole purse so you don't have to carry it around in your pocket. Logical, right?

What's not logical is leaving said purse in an unlocked car. I thought hubby had locked it, he thought I had. I don't need any grief about that stupidity (especially once you read what was in the purse). The bag was placed under the seat...long story short...we get back to the car and it's gone.

So ok, that sucks...but let me tell you why it really sucks. We just got married and I'm in the process of a name change. Why is that bad you ask? Oh let me list what was in my purse (a gorgeous Coach Purse I just got 4th of July weekend and a George, Gina and Lucy wallet given to my by my friend Claudia when she was visiting from Germany, btw):

  • The usual - money (about $60), license (although luckily only temporary as the permanent one has not been delivered yet), debit card, health insurance card, all of my stupid-ass rewards cards (grocery store, best buy, etc etc etc)
  • My Passport
  • My Checkbook (which I NEVER carry with me, but the damn RMV only takes checks or cash and I needed to write checks for the name change stuff)
  • $1425 worth of checks - some wedding which have trickled in, some freelance
  • Lord knows what else
The positive?

  • My keys weren't there - I left them on the coffee table at home, which I NEVER do
  • My Point and Click Cannon - I had taken it out before we went to the dog park to take a picture of something silly (if you want to consider me beating Nick's score in Guitar Hero silly - I needed a picture to prove it)
  • My cell phone - It's ALWAYS in my purse, but alas it was next to my keys on the coffee table
We alerted the Belmont Police and had to wait 1/2 hour to speak to an officer (b/c they were all responding to a domestic abuse situation at a house that happened to be diagonal to ours...I swear we live in an nice area!!!) Come to find out -even though the park is in Belmont, the parking lot is in Waltham so we had to go to the Waltham Police.

Meanwhile after 5 phone calls, HORRID automatic menus, dropped transfers and more I FINALLY got through to Bank of America to report my debit card and checkbook stolen (on a side note, this was one of the more frustrating things I have EVER tried to do, I may not be a BOA customer long). Once I actually got a person on the line, I spoke with an extremely nice woman who let me know the thieves had tried to use my debit card four times (7:28, 7:28, 7:29 and 7:29) at an ATM and were unsuccessful due to not having the right PIN! EFF ME! They traveled 3 miles and three towns (Waltham through Belmont to Cambridge) within 15-20 minutes of stealing my purse.

Once in Waltham, the officer sloppily wrote down some info on a yellow pad and said he would file a prelim report, but we had to come back during 8am - 3:30pm the next day to file a police report (not like I have to work or anything, but thanks). Nothing would be done tonight. He didn't care any of the information we had, a description of my purse, or how to report a lost passport!!!! Come back tomorrow.

On the way home, hubby had me call the Belmont police and ask that they drive by our house to make sure everything was ok. Even though the thieves didn't have my keys, they had our address and who knows...they see all the wedding checks in my purse and maybe they go to the house to get more loot? So the police were already on alert to drive through our neighborhood overnight due to the domestic disturbance situation earlier but they are going to check our house too to make sure all is well.

We headed over to the ATM where the thieves tried to use the card (or thief, I'm not sure why I keep referring to "them" as plural) in hopes that some of my stuff was thrown out in the trash can (like my bag, or wallet even if they were empty). But this was just not my night. The trash cans were TOTALLY empty. There was a grocery store in the same parking lot so I asked if they knew who collected trash and when the last time was. We were about an hour or so too late..and the trash had already been compacted. Blah.

I've cancelled bank cards and credit cards and have info (thanks Internetz) on how to report a stolen passport. I've alerted most of the people who gave us checks they have been stolen (will do the rest tomorrow). I need to report the theft to the credit bureaus as well.

I'm tired and I'm upset with myself and my stupidity.

I feel like my life has been stolen.

Friday, July 25, 2008

It's On Like Joba-Kong!!!!!

(Beckett is yelling at Joba from the dugout after the second time the Hut threw at Youk's head)

RSN is alive and abuzz this morning, and for good reason.

Tonight the trailing Yankees are coming to Fenway. They are going to make their bid to be the first place team in the AL-East. There will be a pitch-off between Chamberlain and Beckett. Will Josh dominate? Will Joba take his hatred of Youk to another level? Will Papi say "we'll see ya" to a ball during his return to the Sox lineup? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so much anticipation. I think we're about to see some Varsity ball tonight, kids.

I only wish this shirt was available for me to wear all weekend*:


*Don't worry sports fans, it will be available in time for the August series in the Bronx. Ordering information here.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words...

I was doing my regular blog reading this morning, and came across a post on Red Sox Chick's blog which caught my attention.

Instead of trying to paraphrase, I'm just going to copy the content of her post here. I hope she doesn't mind!

My dear friend Tru made me aware of a plea left on the Red Sox Fan Forum at

Well, let him put it in his own words.

Okay, so you know the sucker in me cannot resist a feel good story. And right now, there is one in the offing. Here is a link to a story that was written by the sister of James Taylor Jr., a medivac nurse who died from injuries sustained in a helicopter crash earlier this month. He left behind a wife and three young boys. Her story appears true. In any event, she talks about a dream the father had with his boys to go see a game at Fenway Park. It’s why she joined the forum and asked for help; can she get her nephew’s into see a game. The boys would be accompanied by their mother and grandfather.

So, I am securing really good seats for August 29th. That gets them into the game. What I’m hoping is that their story gets the attention of the media, and more importantly, the Red Sox. The goal is to see if these boys could meet a Sox player. I’m hoping that perhaps you can lend an assist through whatever contacts you have to see if that could happen. This is all about the Red Sox fans opening welcoming arms to do a good thing for kids who have just lost their dad. I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like, and if for just one afternoon, they were able to fulfill a dream they shared with their father, and put a smile on their faces, that would make me feel like a zillion bucks.

Now, we all know that I’m the last person who could email a member of the Boston Sports Media for a favor ;) but I did send this message to a few people to spread the word. And if you click the link, the folks over at the Fan Form have been wonderful in getting the word out as well.

If you’re so inclined, getting the word to anyone in the media or at the Red Sox might really help these kids realize a dream.

Special shout out to Tru for being such a good guy and taking this on!

I couldn't get through the story without shedding a few tears. Unfortunately I'm not in the position to help this family but maybe some of you are - or maybe some of you know someone who may be able to help. Thank you to Cyn for posting this and to her friend Tru, who is doing amazing things for these strangers. He really shows the "true" spirit of RSN.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

SoxyLady Does TV

Back in September/October I was approached for an opportunity to do an on-screen interview about Women in Sports. The piece aired on Chronicle. At the time, I was approached about being a female Boston sports fan and it was going to air during the World Series. However, the Sox swept the series too quickly for the editing team, so the focus of the interview was changed to Women in Sports and ESPN.

I was hesitant to post the video, but what the heck. I've been in hiding long enough and it's gotten a good response.

Since the video has aired, I no longer have a SoxyFiance, but a SoxyHusband instead. We also aren't living in our little apartment, but are on to bigger and better things in a house.

Unfortunately, I tried to be honest about my feelings of Joe Morgan...but that was also left on the editing room floor. Who would have guessed? Hahahaha.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My New Sawx Jersey

Every once in a while I stumble upon something and think "I really should write about this on my blog" but life has been getting in the way. Here, however, is something I could not pass up posting.

Sure it's making fun of "me" and "my kind" but if you can't laugh at yourself, you need to loosen up a little bit. I think the video is genius. At first I gave it a little less credit than deserved because the accent is gawd-awful sometimes.

Bostonians don't really talk like that.

But then I got to thinking....RSN is also comprised of Rhode Islanders who DO sometimes say things like "Sawx" (which makes me cringe).

What do you think? Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Coming Out of Hiding

I've been wanting to come out of hiding for a while now. There are so many things I could write about but it just hasn't happened yet. But regardless of how exhausted I am right now - I needed to log on to say EFF TAMPA BAY, EFF THE TAMPA BAY FANS and EFF THE TAMPA BAY MUSIC CHOOSING PEOPLE. I mean, I'm annoyed we lost and that the fans were obnoxious, but I'm PISSED they played Sweet Caroline at the end of tonights game. Have some respect Asshats.