Friday, July 25, 2008

Actions Speak Louder Than Words...

I was doing my regular blog reading this morning, and came across a post on Red Sox Chick's blog which caught my attention.

Instead of trying to paraphrase, I'm just going to copy the content of her post here. I hope she doesn't mind!

My dear friend Tru made me aware of a plea left on the Red Sox Fan Forum at

Well, let him put it in his own words.

Okay, so you know the sucker in me cannot resist a feel good story. And right now, there is one in the offing. Here is a link to a story that was written by the sister of James Taylor Jr., a medivac nurse who died from injuries sustained in a helicopter crash earlier this month. He left behind a wife and three young boys. Her story appears true. In any event, she talks about a dream the father had with his boys to go see a game at Fenway Park. It’s why she joined the forum and asked for help; can she get her nephew’s into see a game. The boys would be accompanied by their mother and grandfather.

So, I am securing really good seats for August 29th. That gets them into the game. What I’m hoping is that their story gets the attention of the media, and more importantly, the Red Sox. The goal is to see if these boys could meet a Sox player. I’m hoping that perhaps you can lend an assist through whatever contacts you have to see if that could happen. This is all about the Red Sox fans opening welcoming arms to do a good thing for kids who have just lost their dad. I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like, and if for just one afternoon, they were able to fulfill a dream they shared with their father, and put a smile on their faces, that would make me feel like a zillion bucks.

Now, we all know that I’m the last person who could email a member of the Boston Sports Media for a favor ;) but I did send this message to a few people to spread the word. And if you click the link, the folks over at the Fan Form have been wonderful in getting the word out as well.

If you’re so inclined, getting the word to anyone in the media or at the Red Sox might really help these kids realize a dream.

Special shout out to Tru for being such a good guy and taking this on!

I couldn't get through the story without shedding a few tears. Unfortunately I'm not in the position to help this family but maybe some of you are - or maybe some of you know someone who may be able to help. Thank you to Cyn for posting this and to her friend Tru, who is doing amazing things for these strangers. He really shows the "true" spirit of RSN.

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