Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Coming Out of Hiding

I've been wanting to come out of hiding for a while now. There are so many things I could write about but it just hasn't happened yet. But regardless of how exhausted I am right now - I needed to log on to say EFF TAMPA BAY, EFF THE TAMPA BAY FANS and EFF THE TAMPA BAY MUSIC CHOOSING PEOPLE. I mean, I'm annoyed we lost and that the fans were obnoxious, but I'm PISSED they played Sweet Caroline at the end of tonights game. Have some respect Asshats.


SoxAddict said...

Yeah, that was bullshit ;\

Erin said...

What a bunch of jerks! I don't even care about the Yanks anymore, DOWN WITH TAMPA BAY!
...not really. I still hate the Yankees. I'm really enjoying beating the tar out of them in the Bronx :)

sohobutterfly said...

WooWoo! I'm just glad you're back. I regret to inform you I didn't watch the series. *ashamed* Were they playing all those crappy-cheesy jingles, trying to get part-time fans "into" the game? Pfffffffffffffffft.