Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sorry Mr. Red Sox

First and foremost, I want to say I truly feel sorry for Johnny Pesky. The Red Sox have been his life for longer than I have been alive. I feel he brings joy to the players and to the fans, and that he really is humbled by how much we love him for his presence.
(photo courtesy of id10t's flickr page)

By now you probably know that MLB is going to be enforcing a rule that limits the number of coaches allowed in uniform (Read the story). What this means is the iconic presence of Johnny Pesky will no longer be allowed in the Sox dugout during games.

At first I was really angry. I love baseball. I do NOT love MLB. In fact, I think it's fair to say I loathe MLB. I took this latest news as another blow to the fans. But the more and more I thought about it, I can't find a legitimate reason why Pesky should be allowed to stay. Nothing more than sentiment. I'm a very sentimental person, so seeing him in a Red Sox uniform, in the dugout brings a lot. I love mixing the history of the club. But who's to say tomorrow 15
former Red Sox legends won't approach the Front Office and say they also want to sit in the dugout during games?

That being said, I understand limiting the number of people allowed in the dugout. Can't they make some sort of grandfather clause for Pesky? I don't know. How would I feel if this wasn't my team...if it was a Yankees figure they were talking about "tossing" - I'd probably be happy about it. I need to try and be objective.

The real question becomes WHY?

Some people are saying they are protecting Pesky's safety. Wasn't it last year (or two years ago?) That he got hit during spring training? He may be 87 years old, but he knows the risk he is taking. If it was all about worrying whether or not he'd get hurt, why don't they make pitchers wear masks in case they get hit in the head (we remember the Clement situation all too well)? Why don't they make outfielders wear padding in case they run into each other in the outfield or into walls trying to make a play (Hello, Demon!)? And if that was the only issue, it's nothing that couldn't get resolved by a waiver. There are fences up in front of the dugouts now..I don't know. He could also get hit by a foul ball sitting in the owners box during a game. I just can't justify that as the reason.

Others say it give the Sox (or whatever other team) an unfair advantage having another pair of eyes on the bench. That this extra person would be able to pick up signs others may have missed, blah blah blah....So when is MLB going to ban fans from sitting in the stands during games? Do they honestly think teams doesn't have "spies" situated throughout the park? There is a such thing as cell phones. Crap. Total crap.

So while I don't like the enforcement of this particular rule with my particular team, rules are rules. Sometimes is sucks, but you just gotta suck it up. Pesky, I love ya' and I'm sorry this has happened. Hopefully the FO can come up with some sort of resolution.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm baaaccckkkk

Miss me?

I've been on a somewhat unplanned, extended vacation - but I'm here now. Ready to talk Sox. I've been reading up on the news and on my friends blogs so I don't feel too out of the loop. There are a few things I need to mention as I get back into the blogesphere.

Tek (photo courtesy of
Finally his no-hit streak is over! I know it's only Spring Training, but it was a little disconcerting that he was 0-17. He came out of it with a "bang" - a solo homer in the 5th against Erik Bedard and the Orioles.

I have always stated that Tek's value matters more behind the plate than they do at the plate. That isn't to say that going 0-17 is ok. I really feel the ball club suffered when he was out with his injury. I'm also confident that he can make a "comeback" this year....regardless of what the recent numbers are saying. However, I'm starting to hear rumblings that Tek isn't really calling the games like I thought he was. Is it true that Tito and the front office are making most of the calls? Anyone have information on this matter. I'm definitely interested in hearing more.

Our Golden Boy Closer is back. I actually got the news from Schillings blog (more on that in a minute) and I had to say there was a big sigh of relief. Realistically though, is this the best thing? I mean they are saying his shoulder is fine. How much of that do we believe? Did this move come out of desperation? Lets face it there weren't many options and we're getting might close to opening day. This news does, however, change my opinion a little bit on wanting to get Roger back. I think if Tavarez becomes our 5th starter he'll do an OK job, but our pitching rotation has definitely been weakened. I think this is the only situation where I'll be happy if Roger comes back to the Sox, to put us back as the strongest pitching team out there (and if we aren't the strongest with this staff, and there are no injuries, does the blame fall on Tek? Or whoever is making the pitch calls?!?!)

38 Pitches
What do ya'll think of Curt's blog? I, for one, have some mixed reactions to it. On the one hand, I think it's really freaking cool that he's taking the time to do this. I work in the Marketing Industry and Social Media is the "wave of the future" - Curt is doing a great job getting his name and his company out there. He's gathering interest from current baseball fans and maybe making some new fans out of video-gamers.

I like the inside thoughts, but he's never going to go "there" which is where I want him to go. I'm most interested in learning what life is like in the clubhouse and he's clearly stated he won't talk about that at all. I see his point, but I still wish he would dish a little.

On the other hand, I really don't give a cr@p about the gaming industry and tend to skip over the parts of his posts where he talks about it. When he's talking about baseball he holds my interest at first, but then to be honest my eyes start to gloss over. He's giving really in-depth information, which is great...but man he talks a lot. That shouldn't be a surprise, right?

I'm looking forward to see how much publicity he generates for charities through the blog. I love how he gave a plug to the little boy with
Ewing’s Sarcoma who is the Cardinals fan ( - he's even having a shoe designed with the phrase "For Pete's Sake" to support him. That's pretty cool.

There is a blog post on there that Schilling called and talked to Pete. It's really cute.

January 2007 196.jpg

Wow! Thanks to our friends, the Close’s, Pete was introduced to Curt Schilling. Mr. Schilling made several calls during the week on his way to spring training to check on Pete. In the picture he’s giving Pete a pep talk on his last day of chemo therapy. He wants Pete to call him with an update after every chemo session. Being a pitcher, Pete has always been a Curt Schilling fan. He admires his mental and physical toughness…and the way he plays the game. Pete admitted to being a little nervous on the call…all we heard was “awesome…wow…okay…really” in response to Mr. Schilling’s offer to meet him for a game. Looks like Pete may be wearing the Red and Blue of the Red Sox!

Schilling even left him a comment

  1. Curt Schilling Says:

    PETE! My man! Curt Schilling here! I haven’t heard from you in a few weeks and wanted to stop by and say hello. The Close family sent me the link to your site, pretty awesome! You have my number buddy, gimme a ring when you get some free time!
    God Bless

See stuff like this makes his blog worth it and a positive thing in my book. I'll just continue to "gloss over" when needed.

OK, that's it for now. Happy to be back, hope to hear from you guys!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Dear Tom Brady,

We need to talk.

How do I say this nicely? Ok, I don't..."Man, you need to wrap it up!"

I don't want to hear about your religion anymore, I don't want to hear about your girlfriends anymore and I sure as hell don't want to hear that you've sperminated any more women! In fact, all I want to hear about is how you're preparing for another Super Bowl season.

So yeah, I joked about how "lucky" Bridget is that she's carrying your golden ticket. I think I take that back. I'm starting to think, my fair Brady, that you're kind of a dick. I thought you were responsible. I thought you were one of the "good guys" and while maybe you're not out there robbing banks or stealing purses from old ladies you are acting completely irresponsible.

I don't want to see you in the gossip magazines anymore, or on the pages of Perez Hilton or TMZ. From this point forward, the only way I want to see you is in a football uniform.

The thing is, your personal life is no ones business. However, my concern is how you score on the field, not off of it. I'm worried your extra-curricular activities are going to take you away from the task at hand. And these poor kids (hahaha, pun intended - ok, maybe not - they have hot, famous parents.) Their lives are going to be perfect, right? Hmph. Do you honestly plan to be a father to either one of these children? What if one is a girl and one is a boy? Are you going to mold one into the next generation of sports super-stardom and ignore the other? What if they're both girls? Ha. What if? Will you love them the way children need to be loved?
I hate to say I'm kind of disgusted by you. Let's just leave it at that.

Soxy Lady

P.S. - If there rumors turn out to be false, well we'll deal with that then.

Timlin is Hurt...

Hello, bullpen? Anyone there?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


In Boston the temperature has fluctuated from being in the 50s (last week) to in the teens (today - with a windchill of -7!!!) Man it's cold! I was really starting to get "spring fever" with the warmer weather and spring training games. Now I'm feeling like it's only the middle of January!

One story that keeps me "warm and fuzzy" is Jon Lester's comeback. Slow and steady wins the race and will get him back to being an ace pitcher.

(photo courtesy of the AP)

It was September 2, 2006 when reported Jon's illness:

The Red Sox announced yesterday that Jon Lester, 22, had been diagnosed with a rare form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a blood cancer, and will begin treatment in the coming week.

RSN was already down on the ground being kicked with injuries and "Manny being
Manny" when we got this blow. Fast forward only six months later to March 5, 2007 where Lester went out and pitched an inning in a Spring Training game! Lester had an 8 pitch inning in a B game against the Twins.

Lester feels he is 85-90% back to being full strength. He really wants to get out there and do this thing, but understands why the organization is urging him to take things slow.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY can't wait for him to return to the Majors and show his stuff. I'll be honest, I didn't think much about him one way or another before news of his cancer broke. But the way he has kept such a positive attitude and worked to get his life "back to normal" impresses me above and beyond just about anything.


Here is a great blog dedicated to Jon's recovery:

Friday, March 2, 2007

A Lead-off Double?

6:04 PM - Dice K's first pitch, a lead-off double down the left field line to a Boston College player.....oh man....I mean, it's not time to start panicing but this certainly wasn't expected.

6:08 PM - First strike out - called strike on a high fastball/92 MPH. Two down, man on third. Let's go Sox!

6:10 PM - Strike out number two! That's more like it!

6:17 PM - 1 down, Pedroia on 2nd, full count on Tek. Let's Go Cap't! WOO HOO! Base hit, moved Pedroia over to third.

6:18 - Remy is commenting how there is the largest crowd he's ever seen on press row tonight. That's not surprising! Although they are saying now it might be similar to when the Yankees came with ARod the first time a few years ago. AFraud. Hmph.

6:20 - Wily Mo and Hinske both struck out to end the inning.

6:25 - Dice-K pitched to a full-count and they got the out at first. We've been seeing a pretty good range of his pitches (fastball, curveball, changeup, split and a slider!)He's retired four in a row.

6:27 - Strikeout victim number three on another high fastball. I dunno, it did look a little high to me. Five in a row.

6:29 - The side has been retired. Six in a row.

6:31- Homerun Jeff Bailey! Sox up 1-0

Dice-K is heading to the club house.
If I'm correct the stats are as follows:
6 Balls - 19 Strikes - 25 Pitches
2 IP - 1 H - 0 R - 0 ER - 0 BB - 3 K

Not a bad showing! That's all I'm covering for tonight. No, not because I'm tuning out but because Soxy Lady's man is hungry and I'm on dinner duty!

Time To See What the Kid Can Do

I'm placing my bets now that tonight's Spring Training game will be the highest viewed Grapefruit League game in history. Curt and Becks came out earlier this week and did their thing, but all eyes will be on Dice-K tonight. Both in the US and Japan. Live report to follow.