Friday, March 2, 2007

A Lead-off Double?

6:04 PM - Dice K's first pitch, a lead-off double down the left field line to a Boston College player.....oh man....I mean, it's not time to start panicing but this certainly wasn't expected.

6:08 PM - First strike out - called strike on a high fastball/92 MPH. Two down, man on third. Let's go Sox!

6:10 PM - Strike out number two! That's more like it!

6:17 PM - 1 down, Pedroia on 2nd, full count on Tek. Let's Go Cap't! WOO HOO! Base hit, moved Pedroia over to third.

6:18 - Remy is commenting how there is the largest crowd he's ever seen on press row tonight. That's not surprising! Although they are saying now it might be similar to when the Yankees came with ARod the first time a few years ago. AFraud. Hmph.

6:20 - Wily Mo and Hinske both struck out to end the inning.

6:25 - Dice-K pitched to a full-count and they got the out at first. We've been seeing a pretty good range of his pitches (fastball, curveball, changeup, split and a slider!)He's retired four in a row.

6:27 - Strikeout victim number three on another high fastball. I dunno, it did look a little high to me. Five in a row.

6:29 - The side has been retired. Six in a row.

6:31- Homerun Jeff Bailey! Sox up 1-0

Dice-K is heading to the club house.
If I'm correct the stats are as follows:
6 Balls - 19 Strikes - 25 Pitches
2 IP - 1 H - 0 R - 0 ER - 0 BB - 3 K

Not a bad showing! That's all I'm covering for tonight. No, not because I'm tuning out but because Soxy Lady's man is hungry and I'm on dinner duty!


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