Friday, October 9, 2009

CB Bucknor


The first "safe" call against Kendrick was bad. The second one - inexcusable.

Curt Schilling himself provided some insight over at SOSH:

FWIW that might be the worst umpiring crew in the history of post season baseball. Bucknor, Gibson AND Merriweather? Oh and Joe West, the umpire who is well known to hate the Sox as much as any man ever.
At least in Joe's defense he's a decent ump, albeit one who has stated EXPLICITLY on the field he holds grudges and gets even, CB, Gibby and Chuck just suck, no two ways about it. Chuck's at least a nice guy though. He feels bad when he blows calls. CB has never been good enough to ID a bad or missed call and as far as Gibby knows he's NEVER MADE a bad call.

Direct quote from Greg Gibson during a game "Do you know you are arguing with the best young umpire in the game right now?"

Dead serious when delivering it too....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Want To Own Part of the Red Sox Franchise?

Jere from A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory has come up with an idea about how we, Red Sox fans, can own 17% of the Red Sox Franchise.

That's right, people, we're gonna buy the Red Sox. We've all heard that the Times is supposedly looking for a buyer for its 17 percent share of the Sox.


They say the share of the team "could be worth up to 160 million dollars." But we're in a recession here, people. They can take or leave our offer of ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.
Like he says, why not us?

Head over to his site, take a look, make a pledge and find those millionaires willing to help out!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coming Out of Hibernation

"...the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray..." ~Robert Burns

I'm not going to apologize or give you a laundry list of excuses why I haven't posted. I haven't, but I am now aren't you so happy?

My off-season has been semi-eventful. I started a new position at work, a new personal blog, had the holidays and all of that jazz. I even got to meet some Sox super-stars, past and present.

In November, thanks to our awesome friends from The Red Seat, we attended the 2008 Red Sox Hall of Fame Induction Gala. Mike Greenwell, Mo Vaughn and Bill "the Spaceman" Lee (among others) were this years inductees.

My husband and Louis Tiant
So we maybe, kinda, sorta stalked Tiant on his way to the bathroom. The thing is my husband is a huge cigar fan and we gave away Tiant's "El Tiante Cigars" at our wedding. When Tiant heard the boxes were for our wedding he actually signed one of the boxes for us, which was really cool.

Me and Mike Greenwell
I don't know why I was a little scared of Greeny - he was nice as could be. I can't even clearly remember what we talked about - but I was surprised by how genuine he seemed.

Me and Mo Vaughn
Mo was very cool. I (embarrassingly) told him when I was growing up my brother and I both had cow stuffed animals one was named "Mooooo Vaughn" and the other one was named "Cow Ripken" he laughed and said that was cool b/c Cal is one of his closest friends. I kinda wanted to ask him to call him up right then and there, but you know..I didn't.

Then right before Christmas the husband and I were shopping at the Cambridgeside Galleria and met Wes Welker (ufortunately we have no pictures, but we did get a great signed picture!)

Today we went to World of Wheels (for him, not me) and we I chose today as the day to go because Justin Masterson was there.

So this guy who brought Masterson up to the signing table had on a Yankees jacket and people were "booing" and yelling at him so he said "ok, ok, I'll take it off" and he had another Yankees shirt on under that. And again he said "ok, ok just kidding I'll take it off!" and off comes that shirt to display this A-Rod t-shirt. *sigh* At least Justin got a good laugh at it.

Another super-nice guy. We talked a bit about the Cape League and he said "man, that was a LONG time ago!" and I kind of laughed to myself thinking, "yeah, all the way back to 2005!" This kid has a great arm and a better smile.

So there it is, the celebrity sightings this off-season. Have you seen anyone good? My next stop is Ft. Myers in March. I can't wait.