Friday, October 9, 2009

CB Bucknor


The first "safe" call against Kendrick was bad. The second one - inexcusable.

Curt Schilling himself provided some insight over at SOSH:

FWIW that might be the worst umpiring crew in the history of post season baseball. Bucknor, Gibson AND Merriweather? Oh and Joe West, the umpire who is well known to hate the Sox as much as any man ever.
At least in Joe's defense he's a decent ump, albeit one who has stated EXPLICITLY on the field he holds grudges and gets even, CB, Gibby and Chuck just suck, no two ways about it. Chuck's at least a nice guy though. He feels bad when he blows calls. CB has never been good enough to ID a bad or missed call and as far as Gibby knows he's NEVER MADE a bad call.

Direct quote from Greg Gibson during a game "Do you know you are arguing with the best young umpire in the game right now?"

Dead serious when delivering it too....

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