Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Giving Away A Little Soxy Love

It's not important why I've been gone for so long - it's just important that I'm back and I have a great way to celebrate!

It's about that time of year we all love to hate. The dreaded VDay, Vtines Day, VD day - you know the day on the 14th where you're supposed to spend oodles of money to profess your love to someone. What's your plan? No need to send overpriced flowers, buy tacky stuffed animals, or eat gross filled candy when there is THIS:

The big love T-shirt from my pals at the Red Seat!!!!!

Want to take a closer look?

Yep, it's pretty awesome. A perfect - cost effective - gift for the love of your life (if that love is a woman, or a man who loves to wear his heart on his sleeve shirt).

But here's the best part. My generous pals have given me a code to share with my Soxy Friends for 10% off! Just enter SOXYLOVE when you check out to get the discount.


**I was not paid by the Red Seat to post this, I just happen to love the company and their merchandise and think you should too!

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