Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RSN Represents in Vancouver Winter Olympics

Life is Good.

Pitchers and Catchers report TOMORROW;
Opening Day is only 45 days away;
The 2010 Winter Olympics are in full swing.

I have been pleasantly surprised watching the national coverage of the games to find out two of our USA representatives are members of Red Sox Nation!

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Hannah Kearney is a VT native, and 2010 Gold Medalist in the Women's Freestyle Moguls did a great interview with Bob Costas where she admits to wearing a Jacoby Ellsbury shirt under her opening ceremony uniform and then Costas gives a shout-out to RSN. (about 4:40 into the video).

It's been reported that Tom Wearner called Kearney up on her cell phone to ask if she wanted to throw out the first pitch at a Sox v. Yanks game in April; An offer she (reportedly) gladly accepted.

If I could walk in the shoes of anyone right now, it just might be Kearney.

I mean, Ben & Jerry's are going to name and ice cream flavor after her. And while that's not Sox related, it's just plain cool. Never mind the fact the flavor is Coffee and chocolate cookies. No joke, my favorite. Seriously we should be BFF.

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Then there is Mr. Michael Morse who placed 15th in the 2010 Men's Freestyle Moguls.

During his interview, he showed the world that he wore a Red Sox belt buckle under his skiing uniform. The buckle may not have given him the best of luck in the Olympics, but this guy is a lucky charm in other ways.

Morse threw out the first pitch in Lester's 2008 No Hitter (a game I was at!)

He grew up on the South Shore in Duxbury, MA and has been an avid Red Sox fan his whole life.

Have you heard of any other Olympian who is a Sox fan? How about an Olympian who is a fan of another MLB team? Email me and let me know!

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