Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jon Lester No Hitter - I Was There!

It's the stuff dreams are made of.

Every Red Sox fan hopes to experience things in their baseball lifetime -

  • Going to games at Fenway Park - Thanks to my awesome family I'm guaranteed at least 10 games a season
  • Seeing Justin Masterson's Major League debut? I'd say that's impressive (especially after only giving up three hits the other night). I was also there for Cla Meredith's MLB debut.
  • Watching a crazed fan get dragged of the field? Briefly captured on video
  • How many of you know Jose Canseco actually pitched an inning against the Red Sox? I do, I was there
  • How being there for walk off wins thanks to Papi? Been there
  • Our favorite Jack Drinking first baseman Kevin Millar's return to Fenway in 'o5? Yep
  • Johnny Demon's return to Fenway Park? The same night Mirabelli gets dressed in a cab to make his return as well? Uh huh...I was there
  • Signed baseballs from a legend? Thank you Johnny Pesky
  • Witnessing the history making back to back to back to back homeruns against the Yankees? You guessed it - I was there!
  • Playing catch with dad in the Fenway outfield? Done that
  • For Red Sox Fans a wish was always for a World Series win in their lifetime. I've had two - complete with their Rolling Rally parades!
I have been a blessed baseball fan - and last night I was blessed again while experiencing a no-hitter from Mr. Jon Lester.

I have to thank Google for this. The tickets were a gift from them, thanks to the business our companies do together. Those New Yorkers couldn't have picked a better game to bring us to. THANK YOU will never be enough!

Armed with my new camera, a Canon 40D, I was able to get some good shots of the game. Not great shots, I've seemed to left my photography skills back with the film cameras. If anyone wants to teach me how to use this beast, I'm game!

Anyway - I don't need to go on and on about how impressive any no hitter is - never mind the circumstances behind this no hitter. What I really want to do is share some of those pictures with all of you.

A full moon rising over the park in the 8th inning.

Lester getting ready to pitch in the 9th

The Last Pitch of the Game


Look how high Youk jumped!
Cora and Lowell in unison

The mighty bullpen leaping over the camera wires

130 total pitches - 86 for strikes - Last pitch a 94 MPH Fastball!

Captain Tek handing Lester the game ball (if you look closely you can see it in his right hand)

What a game. What a night. What memories!

But before another person I know tells me how much they hate me for being at the game, let me bring things back down a little bit. This morning, as I was walking to my car on my way to work, I stumbled on the grass and twisted my ankle. Bad. Bad enough that I was given a cast, crutches and orders to stay off my feet for five days. All of this 17 days before my wedding. So really, don't hate me too much. PLUS, these crutches...they don't do it for me. I was obviously not coordinated enough to walk on my own two feet, and now I have to try and balance on these things? Oh no way...this is not working well.


karmardav said...

I don't hate you - I think you are so very lucky! Great for you - that must have been awesome. And I'm guessing from your email (33) that you share my love of our Captain. Go Sox and go Tek!

Erin said...

You lucky, lucky girl. I'm jealous.

Joan said...

Wow, those are AMAZING pictures!! It must've been just surreal to see it in person -- it was so exciting watching it at home, I can't imagine being there!

I'm so sorry about your ankle -- I hope it's good as new VERY soon!

Frank A. said...

Wow, that's a great game to have witnessed first hand and a great story by a young pitcher who has battled through so much.

Suz said...

sarah, omg! a cast! yes, i realize that this has nothing to do with baseball but will it be off before the wedding?! i hope it heals soon! good luck with the crutches, i wouldn't be coordinated enough for them either.

and btw, i think you did a great job with your camera--glad you had fun at the game (sorry, i am just not a big baseball fan but i like reading your blog once in awhile anyway just to see how you are doing!)

redsoxfan said...

Sorry about your foot, that sucks.

I'm still jealous that you were there though.That was a history makin night.

Great blog

s1c said...

Good for you!!!

Made last nights game, Colon was alrighty. I am starting to really like this years team!!!

Stephanie Klein said...

I don't know what is more exciting- Seeing a no hitter live or owning the 40D? I'm a Nikon person but my husband swears by Canon.

Congratulations on all the good luck. Please have some rub off on me for my book launch Tuesday.

Stephanie klein