Thursday, May 8, 2008

Red Sox Garter

29 days and counting until this SoxyLady is a SoxyWife. We're really trying to make our wedding personal, customized to our tastes and interests.

We're having the ceremony outdoors, the reception in an antique car museum and we're giving away El Tiante Cigars as favors to the guys (I love the Red Sox, My man the Cigars).

Today I ordered the next "personal" item, which is my very own Red Sox Garter!!!

I can't wait to get it. I'm so excited.

I was telling one of my friends about it and she mentioned another friend of hers is also wearing a Red Sox Garter at her wedding. Obviously, that wouldn't bother me under normal circumstances. But this is not a normal circumstance. This girl is not only a very casual Red Sox fan, she's also having her wedding during a Red Sox/Yankees game (and she set the date AFTER the schedules came out this season). Bah, I think that just cheapens the idea, and I don't want to be cheap.

That's like those casual fans getting free tickets to Red Sox games, and making stupid comments and ruining the atmosphere for the rest of us.

Ah well. I'll wear it, and represent the true RSN with pride. Ya with me?


Erin said...

"Who are they bringing out to pitch? Is that (insert hurler that was traded two years ago here)?"
I hate the fact that the wannabe fan is stealing your thunder! You know she's only pretending to be into it to impress the guy she's marrying. Someone gave me an interesting pointer on spotting a if it were difficult in the first place (look for the chick in the pink Ellsbury shirt, wearing pearls). Anyway, if said faker comes into work the morning after the team won a big game and excitedly announces "They won!", they're not a true fan. Any real member of Red Sox Nation would say "WE won!"

sohobutterfly said...

Way to represent the RSN. :o) Are you having a baseball wedding cake? I wanted to get one, but Hubby thought it was a little cheesy. Soooooooo WHATEVER!