Friday, May 16, 2008

New Kids on the Block on the Today Show

I'm sorry to do this to many of my "manly" regular readers. Really, I am.

I have fallen in love all over again (my fiance knows about it - so that makes it ok, right?)

Truth of the matter is I tried to embed these videos on my craptastic MySpace blog and it didn't work. And they need to be shared with the world - or at least my world of lunatic NKOTB loving friends. So here they are.

The first two (or ten) times I heard NKOTB's new single, Summertime. I really didn't like it. But I've fallen again, and hard. Now I think it will be my summer anthem. I kind of feel like a teenager again. Normally I would relish that feeling, but right now I'm still a bit embarrassed about it. Ah well.

Joey Joe is still my favorite of faves...but I'm finding myself having a "thing" for Donnie too. I can't help it - it's that Boston bad-boy thing. It's what attracted me to my fiance at first too.

The one bit of news I haven't shared with my fiance yet....there will be some New Kids played at our wedding. Eeeek!


someonewhoisdefinitelynoterinbiscoe said...

Remember Danny was kinda considered "not-as-hot one"? I must say, he's aged like wine. Donnie's still my favorite, though.

I know how you feel. We're so used to being the cool chicks that can talk about sports with the guys, but all of a sudden the New Kids are reuniting and we've reverted back to being screaming, hysterical, pre-teen girls!

Lisa said...

good lord, girl, I've been following you and Spike on flickr, and I never knew you had a blog!

Robin T said...

I watched it. I really felt like I had to.

I wish I had left my memories the way they were. That first video especially...ow.

but Joey is still the best. :D

Roberta said...

I taped it and have watched it several times since. I have always been a Danny Wood fan. I am going to see them at the Garden and then 2 days later at Mohegan Sun and I cannot wait.