Thursday, November 1, 2007

2007 Boston Red Sox Rolling Rally Videos

Here they are! My Soxy Fiance spent A LOT of time trying to convert these videos so all of you could see them. They came out a little grainy - and we may try and fix them at a later date, but you get the idea.

Many people have asked me - what was the difference between the 2007 Rally and the 2004 Rally. It's really hard to describe, but I'll try.

  • The entire atmosphere was different - while both were Electric! - the electricity was a different feeling each time.
    • Of course, the weather in 2004 was cold and rainy in comparison to the sunny skies this year
    • In 2004 there were fans of ALL ages, and many many many "older" fans. This year, there was an overload of college and younger kids (especially girls with "I love Ellsbury signs!)
  • For the most part the "ducks" drove slower this year. Maybe they learned in 2004 they were going too quickly, maybe since they didn't go in the Charles this year they wanted fans to get a better opportunity to see the players, but in any event...most of the player ducks went slower. The exception I noticed was Tito's duck which seemed to fly by.
  • People have asked if the players were less enthusiastic and to that I say "No!"
    • The one thing I did notice is many more players were taping the crowd than in 2004. I think some of the veterans suggested buying a camcorder.
    • The younger players, and those (like Mike Lowell and Daisuke) who weren't here in 2004 were simply glowing
    • The veterans...they were having a blast. Manny and Papi were playing with the crowd the whole time. Listen for Manny saying he needed some Crown Royal and that everyone was invited back to his house for a party! He also said we were the best fans and they loved us and Boston was the place to be.
    • Jonathan.Bleeping.Papelbon - enough said
  • It was great there was the opportunity for player interaction this year. Besides Manny and Papi talking, Pedrioa joined the crowd with chants of "YOUK!" and of course there was the Dropkick Murphy's on the flatbed with Papelbon-bon and Timlin dancing.
Yeah - it was TOTALLY worth it to be there! Without further ado - here are my videos!

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