Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pedroia Kicks Major @ss!!!

Since there is no new news to report on the MikeVP Lowell signing I thought I'd highlight another player who is hoping our MVP will return to a Red Sox uniform.

Dustin "F*ck Yeah!" "Kick @ss" Pedroia.

Not only does he call Lowell his favorite teammate, he points out when the "Big Guys" weren't able to get it done this year, Lowell was there to carry the team.

“He got talked about a lot there at the end, but he didn’t get talked about as much as he should have. When David (Ortiz) was banged up, Manny (Ramirez) was hurt, and J.D. (Drew) was struggling a little bit, Mike Lowell was the guy who picked up the slack and carried us the whole year.”

“This year he was a big influence on a lot of guys,” the second baseman added. “He obviously helped out Jacoby (Ellsbury) when he came up. He made this atmosphere relaxed where a (youngster) could play in that certain situation. He’s part of everything.”
It continues to amaze me the way Lowells teammates speak out about him. At the very least, and I hope it doesn't come to this, at least Lowell knows the fans of Boston want him back and his teammates want him back.

But back to why Pedroia kicks @ss....
He told people yesterday that he's been playing at least since September 10th with a cracked hamate bone in his left hand. This is the same type of injury that sidelined Wily Mo for two months.
“Some days I would wake up and it would be hard to grip a bat,” Pedroia said. “I changed my grip a little bit on the bat and went from there. It was just one of those things you know you have to take care of after the season, but you have to play through. A lot of guys have done that. You definitely don’t want to shut it down and have surgery during the whole thing. We just had to find a way to fight through it.”
YES! Rock on Dirt Dog! I'm not saying it's possible to go out and play (well) every day with an injury but Papi did it this year with his knee and shoulder, and Pedroia did it with his hand. Both guys were major contributors to the World Series win.

Pedroia had surgery on Tuesday to "fix" his hand.....hopefully the pain will be forgotten when he wakes up next week as the American League Rookie of the Year!!!!

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ArtyBaby said...

Okay Soxy, you tell me. Who would Theo have to be caught in bed with to find a way to bring Eric Gag-me back? I'm thinking one-eyed underaged Mexican midget.
Schill is a bargain! When will the Sox understand that anyone who can play on the Boston big stage is a keeper? Bring Lowell back! Send The-Rod on an outing with his angry wife and/or the hookers he hangs out with. I haven't seen a ball player so camera-aware.. since...well...Curt Schilling. But you get the point. The Sox don't need to spend 30mil a year to end up seeing pop-up-palooza in the playoffs. We had Nomar for that. It was enough!