Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gagne Sucks...

This is too funny not to share. I was reading Dirty Watah and Matt had posted some rolling rally pics complete with captions. I literally can't stop laughing over this one:

And so do you, sir.

Bwahhhhhahahahahahahaha. Thank you Matt for some Tuesday morning entertainment.

And for the record....I'm starting my "I know he sucked and I hated him, but I feel bad for him" feelings towards Gagne. We really could have had a good thing, but it wasn't meant to be.
I was looking back through my emails and came across this chat with my brother, I never wanted Gagne!! But it's really interesting to read our other thoughts...

SoxyLady (4:02:56 PM): gagne? wtf?!?!
Soxy’s Brother (4:03:04 PM): whoa, wait - what?
SoxyLady (4:03:42 PM): gangne for gabbard and david murphy
Soxy’s Brother (4:03:35 PM): best. setup man, EVER!
SoxyLady (4:03:51 PM): and we let pinero go earlier
SoxyLady (4:03:53 PM): he WAS the best setup man ever
SoxyLady (4:03:55 PM): he's OLD now. old and washed up.
Soxy’s Brother (4:03:52 PM): dude, did you see him mow down the sox in texas?! he was nasty
Soxy’s Brother (4:04:19 PM): with lester back, gabbard was a bit expendable (although i liked him)
Soxy’s Brother (4:05:05 PM): i think that's going to work out for the sox, i'm just a bit sad it's murphy and not pena
SoxyLady (4:05:25 PM): yeah
SoxyLady (4:05:34 PM): what were you thinking about dye? doesn’t look like it happened
SoxyLady (4:05:49 PM): and did you know jacoby is on the DL?
Soxy’s Brother (4:05:46 PM): it sounded like they were going after dye for the possibility of putting papi on the DL
SoxyLady (4:06:07 PM): ahhhhh
SoxyLady (4:06:10 PM): interesting spin on it
Soxy’s Brother (4:06:09 PM): it really depends on who they were going to send, i wouldn't send anyone other then wily mo and a low level prospect for dye
SoxyLady (4:06:30 PM): right
SoxyLady (4:06:46 PM): wily mo could probably rule somewhere
Soxy’s Brother (4:06:38 PM): yeah, papi is ailing - i read the sox might have wanted to have him do the surgery, be out 4-6 weeks, have dye fill in at DH and hope papi is better for the playoffs
SoxyLady (4:08:08 PM): speaking of trade stuff - hanley ramirez was the untouchable for so long, like jacoby is now
Soxy’s Brother (4:08:12 PM): right, that's true - jacoby and clay bucholtz
Soxy’s Brother (4:08:28 PM): but either jacoby or coco needs to go before the end of 2008 most likely
SoxyLady (4:09:00 PM): why's that? why not drew?
Soxy’s Brother (4:09:10 PM): they paid drew $70 million dollars, there isn't another team out there that will take that contract
Soxy’s Brother (4:09:23 PM): coco is young, cost-controlled and a better defender - much easier to trade
Soxy’s Brother (4:09:32 PM): jd drew signing was painful
SoxyLady (4:09:48 PM): sucks
Soxy’s Brother (4:17:06 PM): the more i think of this, this is a really good deal for the sox - especially in the playoffs, gagne will take pressure of okajima and paps, that might be the best bullpen in baseball
SoxyLady (4:17:21 PM): and okie has had no playoff experience so I guess that could work IF gagne bucks up
(4:37:33 PM): listening now to the press conference
SoxyLady (4:37:38 PM): only hear him talking about gagne, missed the beginning, we didn’t get dye
SoxyLady (4:40:08 PM): theo said we made the strongest offer we could
SoxyLady (4:40:16 PM): and he said he thinks he's staying with his organization
SoxyLady (4:40:29 PM): and if the need arises in august b/c of injury "or something" he thinks we can handle it
Soxy’s Brother (4:41:08 PM): good for him, don't overpay for a rental player
SoxyLady (4:41:48 PM): i think i'm just most worried b/c of papi
SoxyLady (4:41:51 PM): he's so not hijmself
Soxy’s Brother (4:41:58 PM): nope, maybe they'll try and play wily mo at DH while papi rests - who knows
SoxyLady (4:42:36 PM): they are worried about okie
SoxyLady (4:42:51 PM): he's about to surpass the highest amount of innings he's ever pitched in one season in japan
SoxyLady (4:42:57 PM): and they still want him to pitch another 2-3 months
SoxyLady (4:43:01 PM): wily mo is starting tonight
SoxyLady (4:43:07 PM): batting 9th
SoxyLady (4:56:46 PM): bendan donnely will undergo tommy johns surgery on friday
Soxy’s Brother (4:56:34 PM): ah, there you go
SoxyLady (4:57:25 PM): he did know and told theo but kept it quiet so texas wouldn't raise price. he's out this season and all of next season.
Soxy’s Brother (4:57:20 PM): oh wow
Soxy’s Brother (4:57:42 PM): that makes him one of the biggest contributors to the red sox this year, even without pitching
SoxyLady (4:58:20 PM): and his contract expires this season
SoxyLady (4:58:26 PM): but theo wants him to rehab with the soxs
Soxy’s Brother (4:59:32 PM): interesting stuff going on
SoxyLady (4:59:56 PM): should be a good ride

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