Monday, November 5, 2007


Only a few days into NaBloPoMo I failed.

Not good, I know.

However, Soxy Fiance and I took a spontaneous trip to the edge of the US, literally. We went to Calais, Maine to visit some good friends.

I was looking forward to the month-long challenge of NoBloPoMo, but sometimes life has to take priority.

As for what I missed, there was more good off-season news

  • Red Sox picked up 2008 contract options for Tim Wakefield and Julian Tavarez. This must mean Timmy's shoulder and back problems aren't too serious. Let's hope the off-season rest brings him back to where he needs to be. He is the most selfless player on the Red Sox team and I'm happy he'll be back. Tavarez, he's crazy. He has great games and terrible games. He brings life to the clubhouse. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do next season.
  • Mike Lowell has still not filed for free agency
And the Red Sox Press Tour continued
So Soxy Fans, sorry for the post delays but I'm back!

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