Friday, November 9, 2007

Free Agents, Calling All Free Agents

I've been meaning to track the Red Sox Free Agents to see where they go/who we get, etc. Since Hot Stove news is slow today (Although, the Red Sox HAVE made an offer to MikeVP Lowell - We're just waiting to see what he says. Until then I cannot bring myself to write about it.) I figured I'd better get started:

Curt Schilling - resigned with the Red Sox for one year with a base salary of $8 million. He gets a $2 million incentive based on his weight (weighed at six different times throughout the year), $3 million possible (I believe in increments of $795k, but I could be making that up) if he meets all of his inning incentives and $1 for a single Cy Young vote. This is a total package worth a potential $14 million. Not bad for a 41 year old pitcher, not bad at all.

Our Free Agents who have yet to make a decision

Kevin Cash
Matt Clement
Eric Gagne
Eric Hinske
Bobby Kielty
Mike Lowell
Doug Mirabelli

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