Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Johnny Damon Sucks

The fact that Damon sucks isn't new to anybody in RSN.

I miss the days when he was a self-described, lovable, idiot. Now he's just another annoying Yankee. According to the Globe:

Damon, a huge part of Boston's '04 World Series team, watched some of the World Series. "They were a great team all year," Damon said. "I think we were the only team that really played them tough."
Give me a freakin' break you cry-baby traitor.

The article also mentions that Damon has been assured he will be the left fielder for the Yankees next year. As much as I wanted to see him end up on some shit-hole team I'm also thinking this news isn't bad. I can still file it under The Demise of the Evil Empire because lets face it - Damon still throws like a girl and now from left instead of center!

The Artwork of 'Darth Damon' was done by my very talented cousin, Erin Biscoe.


someonewhoisdefinitelynoterinbiscoe said...

Aha, I see you're saving the best (darth jeter) for last. Thanks for the shout-out :O)

Liza said...

The worst Demon statement, though, is him talking about Youk's Gold Glove, though:

"He's a former third baseman with that Jack Black body. Good for him."

Exsqueeze me? "Jack Black body"? The only things remotely Jack Black about Youk are that both ROCK and that they're both Jewish.

Anonymous said...


There was was a guy called Damon.
He missed a ball and now we all hate him.
But then he made up and he was okay.
Then he went to the Yanks and SUCKED ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!