Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Truck Day, Brought To You By Jet Blue Airways...

...who in the what now?

Nevertheless, it's the day we've all been waiting for (especially since the end of the football season): TRUCK DAY!!!!! I attended Truck Day back in 2007. I was working in the city and it was easy enough for me to hop down to Van Ness Street to take in the happenings. Wally was there, I sung along to the music, took a few pictures...and watched a truck drive down the street. For many, they don't understand the draw. For those of us who bleed Red Sox red, it was the start of another year full of hope.

Truck Day has been a fan favorite in Boston for years, until recently it was completely overlooked by other ball clubs. According to an article on Wednesday, Truck Day is now being celebrated by multiple clubs. Hey, I say the more the merrier (and MLB says, the more we can capitalize on, the merrier!) But really, when did Truck Day become a celebratory event in any other city besides Boston?

I'm not the only one who has noticed this. Craig Calcaterra at HardballTalk wants to know why truck day is suddenly a big deal.

Last year Dan Lamothe, over at Red Sox Monster did some analysis stating Truck Day queries on Google were largely dominated with Red Sox results. I'm going to venture to guess this year Red Sox will still dominate the SERPs, but there will be some creepers on the page. Next year is anyone's guess.

While Red Sox Nation may not have hope that this season will bring home another trophy to Boston, I think we're all excited to see the Boys of Summer back in action. At least I know I am.

On this truck day, we should all take a moment to remember Dom DiMaggio who would have celebrated his 93rd birthday today!

Here is a short video from Truck Day 2007 - Get Ready, Get Pumped, Get Thunder Struck; the 2010 season is almost here!

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