Tuesday, February 13, 2007

(The Day After) Truck Day

I made it in time to see the Red Sox equipment truck leave Fenway on its journey to Ft. Meyers. Wally was there, he threw me a ball. I caught it - What's up, I could be on the Sox! Think they need another outfielder? Drew still isn't on the 40-man roster! So what if I throw like a girl, Damon did too!

I took some pictures and even a couple short videos, but for some reason I keep losing my Internet connection (argh, Comcast!) and YouTube is being hella-slow tonight. So the video is going to have to wait. Sorry all.

In Spring Training News Papelbon, Lester and Beckett all threw off the mound today. Look at our pitchers, out there early and excited for the new season! I loved this quote from Pap about Lester:

"When I first saw Jon today, I almost didn't recognize him because I didn't expect him to look that good," said Jonathan Papelbon, after arriving today for the first time. "Look the same old Jonny to me. Obviously I've said prayer after prayer for him this offseason, me and my wife. It's just awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome to see him come back from that. The fight that he's gone through, you know, it's just amazing. For me that's the kind of teammate I want, somebody that's never going to give up, somebody that's going to go out there and bust his butt to succeed and bust his butt to get where he wants and deserves. That was awesome, almost like a pick-me-up."

According to our dear friends at Extra Bases, Papelbon spent some time in the off season hunting with Eli Manning! ELI MANNING! What?!?! I HATE ELI MANNING! Half of the reason I wanted the Colts to lose the Superbowl was so I didn't have to see Eli gloating on TV about his brother's win. Ok, maybe not half of the reason....but part of it. Seriously. That was a little disturbing to read. If he sucks it up as a starter, I'm going to blame it on Eli - mark my words!

No need to end on such a sour note.......48 days until opening day and counting! WOO HOO!

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