Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dramatown, FL

I'm having a hard time wanting to post lately. The thing is, all the news about the Red Sox lately is DRAMA filled. I just want them to play ball already.

Dear members of the Boston Sports Media,

Enough is enough. I am sick to death trying to figure out who is getting more attention. Is it the threesome of Britney, Anna and Cameron? Or Manny, Schill and Dice-K? The Red Sox are a BASEBALL team. Let's keep it real. Cut the drama. Let's talk about baseball. Lets talk about Timlin's possible injury, lets talk about Mike Lowell's leadership and for goodness sake, if we must talk about Dice-K lets talk about how he and Vtek are learning to communicate with one another!

Stop blowing things out of proportion. Any serious baseball fan could not have expected the Red Sox to renew Curt's contract before the season started. I don't give a rats @ss about why Manny is late to spring training - I care about his condition once he arrives! And honestly, let's give Dice-K some room to breath and PITCH. That is what he's here for after all!


Soxy Lady


Mike said...

Good call on all of the Sox drama this spring.
But I think I would have given Schill another $13mil for his services in 2008.

Soxy Lady said...

Even before seeing how he pitches this season? Let's face it, he wasn't at his best the second half of last year. I love Schill, how can any Sox fan NOT love him? But I still think it was reasonable for the Sox to wait on giving him another contract. Of course, I can see the Stanks wanting to stir the pot and go out there and offer him a lot more money at the end of the season.