Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Why Can't Manny Just Be "A Baseball Player"?

Position players haven't even started their workouts yet and already the drama surrounding Manny has begun.

Manny is an exception to just about every rule out there. You laugh at him when he pulls stupid antics (like taking a leak inside the monster instead of being in position) and you get pissed off beyond belief when he quits on his team (and the fans) like this past July - September. You might even sigh a bit of relief when trade talks come up, just so you won't have to deal with the drama anymore - there has to be someone out there we can get to cover Papi, right? Ok, if you don't at least I do. The thing is you can't hate the guy enough to hate him when he's hot. Why is that?

It angers me beyond belief that we let Manny get away with "being Manny" even when it's at a complete determent to the team. The thing is, he knows he's "that good" and we'll let him off the hook. Argh. We don't let anyone off the hook in Boston. Why is Manny the exception?

How many of you out there work? I'm going to say most everyone reading this blog has a job.

So how many of you who work do a kick-@ss job at work? Maybe not as many, but if I were a betting gal I'd say there are a few of us out there.

So of those of us who do a kick-@ss, fantastic job at work, how many are allowed to stay home and not work just because we don't like how well a particular campaign is doing? How many are allowed to show up late, and not minutes late - I mean days late? I dare say, not one of us.

I don't know, it's tiring to think about. It's a double-edged sword...you "punish" Manny by not letting him play but he's getting paid no matter what, and you just hurt the team. You let him get away with all this sh!t and send the message to others that it's ok for Manny because we need him.

I would just love for one season Manny to come out and be a baseball player instead of just being "Manny." Then maybe D.S. would lay off us a little bit (probably not, he hates Boston sports and Boston sports fans) and maybe we could concentrate on more important things.

And P.S. Julian Tavarez....it's so not your place to disclose to the media whether or not you think Manny will be reporting to Spring Training on time. Work on your pitches, bub...leave the rest to management to deal with.

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