Friday, February 16, 2007

ALL Pitchers & Catchers Report!

Many Red Sox pitchers & catchers reported early to Ft Meyers. Today, however, the rest of those slackers (haha, joke) showed up! I'm a little giddy since this means we'll be seeing many pictures of Varitek over the coming weeks.

One thing I'm really excited to witness is how Tek and Daisuke learn to communicate with one another. I'm already developing a mini-crush on Dice-K. Honestly, it's not because he's the greatest thing since sliced bread (according to the media.) I mean, only a few years back we got Pedro...then Schilling....I have NO DOUBT that I'll come to love Daisuke as a player, but right now I'm loving his little boy smile and his witty comments to the media.

He was asked what pitch he would throw for his first pitch and answered,
"I would love to pitch a fastball, that will be my first ball. I would like my
first batter, if he is listening, please try not to hit the ball."

Plus, he's already out there sporting his Red Sox!

(Photo Courtesy of

Pitchers and catchers reporting means Spring Training games are right around the corner...which mean it's getting closer to Opening Day!

Speaking of Opening Day, argh! I "won" the raffle to have the "opportunity" to buy Opening Day/Patriots Day/Yankees tickets today. So I signed in, sat in the virtual waiting room for an hour, got in to purchase my "tickets" and EVERY game in the raffle was already sold out. So annoying. But I'm over it, really, I am......

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