Thursday, July 24, 2008

SoxyLady Does TV

Back in September/October I was approached for an opportunity to do an on-screen interview about Women in Sports. The piece aired on Chronicle. At the time, I was approached about being a female Boston sports fan and it was going to air during the World Series. However, the Sox swept the series too quickly for the editing team, so the focus of the interview was changed to Women in Sports and ESPN.

I was hesitant to post the video, but what the heck. I've been in hiding long enough and it's gotten a good response.

Since the video has aired, I no longer have a SoxyFiance, but a SoxyHusband instead. We also aren't living in our little apartment, but are on to bigger and better things in a house.

Unfortunately, I tried to be honest about my feelings of Joe Morgan...but that was also left on the editing room floor. Who would have guessed? Hahahaha.

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Lisa said...

that's awesome! You look very relaxed. Nice to "hear" you!