Monday, October 8, 2007

A Red Sox Fan in Pinstripe Territory Contest

Ok, I know...I know there is SO MUCH I need to catch up on, however I still am not able to put my thoughts together in a coherent manner. I read this post from Jere over at ARFIPT and thought I would spread the word about his contest. It sounds fun:

CONTEST! Okay, here's the deal. Back in the day, my dad and his fellow teachers would have pools--weekly football, March Madness, Super Bowl squares, etc.--which I was always allowed to play in. In October, we'd do the playoff series composite linescore pool. Basically, everybody gets a half-inning. At the end of the series, whoever's inning has the most total runs wins the pot. (I specifically remember the 1986 ALCS, and my dad being allowed to get Red Sox half-innings for us, and everyone understood.) For the 2007 ALCS, you can enter for free, and instead of using Sox and Indians/Yanks innings, we'll just use the Sox, so nobody has to root for the other team. The person who gets the ninth inning also gets any extra-inning runs (but also can get screwed if there's no ninth inning in some games, so it kind of evens out). Here's how you get your inning: Comment on this post saying you want to be in the contest. Comments are hidden until I approve them, so the first person to comment will get the first inning, and so on. But you won't see who has what inning until all nine are filled. If enough people enter, I'll up the number of players to 18 maximum, with person 10 through 18 also getting innings one through nine, and there would be two prizes. So, remember, don't try to pick an inning, you will be assigned one. You can try to estimate it, like, since it's 1:20 AM now, and you read this at 1:25 and REALLY want the first inning, comment right away, but if you really want a later inning, wait awhile. Get it?
Go to his site and leave him a comment if you're interested in playing. I say go for it! You've got nothing to lose!

GO SOX!!!!!!!

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