Friday, October 26, 2007

Papeljima - and FREE TACOS!

How exciting was our bullpen last night? And Jacoby's steal (made all the much better after hearing his conversation with Royce Clayton!)

Image courtesy of created by Jeff Dockum

I'm tired. I'm really really really tired, so I haven't gotten around to pulling the Cape League stats for last night's game but it will be done today - promise!

In the meantime, enjoy this email I received about our favorite free-taco giving rookie outfielder, Jacoby Ellsbury:

We of Oregon State leave our beloved Jacoby in your trusted hands..

Love him, cheer for him, enjoy every moment you have with him in a Red
Sox uniform..

You are watching history.. The kid is going to the
Hall in Cooperstown..

One of my best friends from high school.. (Corvallis, OR, class of '71) was a student counselorat Madras, OR High School in 2000.. He found Jacoby during a Pony League game, and informed those whom he knew at Oregon State about the kid.. Coach Casey.. ( Winner now to back to back College World Series) came over while Jacoby was in HS, and offered him a full ride to be a Beaver...

The rest is history..
Now, it will be Red Sox History..

Have a great time at the World Series...I have never been to Boston, let alone Fenway.. A dream I must make come true in the near future..

I wish I was there to root Jacoby on... But we of the Pacific NW are glued to our TV's as we watch our man Ellsbury go..

Best Regards,
Thomas " The Whap" Tracewell
Tacoma, WA


Anonymous said...

That Taco Bellsbury jpeg is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

SoxyLady, that photoshopped Taco Bell image was created by somebody named Jeff Dockum who submitted it to the Boston Globe for their photoshopping series. There's lots of other great RS images created by fans there. Here's the link <
redsox/gallery/10_10_07_photoshop_the_sox/ >

-- Cherry

Soxy Lady said...

Updated - thank you Cherry!