Monday, October 22, 2007

My Quest for World Series Tickets

I didn't spend the day reading the various news articles about the Red Sox Wins, didn't surf on too many of my favorite blogs, and only reveled just a little bit in the fact that the BoSox made it to the World Series. What I did, was spend a big part of my day online trying to get tickets to Game 3 in Colorado.

Ticket prices to the Sox series are out of control and for the same price as two Right Field Grandstand seats on Stub Hub, the fiance and I can fly out to Colorado and back and catch a game in their Right Field...which has unobstructed views (Plus, that avoids using any sort of shady agency to buy tickets!) Plus, I've been to Coors Field before and it's a GREAT place to see a ballgame. Add in the fact that his sister and some of my friends (newly "faithful" Rockies fans, sigh) live out there and it was a non-decision for us. We get tickets to Saturday's game and we don't even miss a day of work!

Our plan sounded great in theory, until the Rockies had to go and mess things up. Amateurs. They don't know how to handle a demand for their tickets!

The Rockies suspended the sale of the tickets on Monday after they initially went on sale on at 10 a.m. However, due to the overwhelming traffic to the site, the Rockies say Paciolan, Major League Baseball's ticket vendor, experienced a system wide outage. The outage impacted all of its North American customers.

The Rockies said less than 500 seats were sold after the tickets went on sale and before the system wide outage.
But it gets even better...there was supposed to be a live press conference at 5PM (Centeral Time) to announce when ticket sales would resume.....54 minutes later I'm still waiting for the "Live" video feed.

The Never-Ending Waiting Room for Tickets

At this point I don't even know if I should bother...they're sure to sell out of beer and rocky mountain oysters* before the first inning is over!

Who am I kidding...OF COURSE I'm going to continue trying, I am not going to miss the opportunity to see a show of a lifetime!!!

Photo Courtesy of and Don Deschenes

Photo Courtesy of and Michael Ford

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Wish me luck! LET'S GO SOX!!!!!

*NO, I am not going to even try and indulge in Rocky Mountain Oysters!

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ArtyBaby said...

Morning in Colorado...snow on the ground, a chill in the air, and the cold-water shock that the Red Sox just whacked the Indians for 30 runs in the last 3 games.
Not that anyone in Colorado watched baseball before this year's playoffs, anymore than the towel wavers in the crowd at the Jake could've named 4 players on "their team" before the Indians beat the Yankees.
For once, Red Sox Nation has reason to be confident...which is usually a good sign that the Sox are in for some trouble. The Rockies beat the Sox earlier in the year, and, they are an excellent...Triple-A team. But...the only way the Sox lose this one is if Terry Francona manages the team without a fan petition to tell him who to put in the lineup.