Monday, October 15, 2007

Our Red Sox Have Turned Green

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

In honor of Blog Action Day, I thought I'd break away from the norm of talking about how much GAGme sucks and how great the combination of Papi and Manny is to talk about something we should all take with at least a little bit of seriousness.

No matter what your political affiliations (I'm saying you don't need to be an extreme Liberal to take this seriously) we all live on this great earth and take it quite for granted. Bloggers are doing their part today by informing readers on what they can do to help keep our earth happy and healthy.

The Boston Red Sox have decided to go green beyond the famed monster in the outfield. In September 2007 team exes announced Fenway Park partnered with a national environmental group, National Defense Resource Group (NDRC), to make environmentally changes to the baseball park.

Efforts to make Fenway more green have already started and will all be in place by 2012, which is the 100th anniversary year of the park. Efforts include:

  • A recycling program and improved removal of trash around the park - You may have noticed the new 5th inning recycling stretch where they go around collecting empty soda and water bottles
  • Serve beer in corn-starch-based cups - Similar to products made by this company
  • Add solar paneling to parts of the park - This would allow various areas of the park to be heated without creating any pollution - hmmm...think they could warm the seats during those cold April games?
  • Support local farmers - ARAMARK has committed to serving locally grown organic produce at their concession stands.
  • Add more energy efficient lighting - Does Granite City Electric know about this?
To learn more about the "Green-ship" read this press release from NRDC

What can you do?
  • Have you been saving Red Sox Tshirts since you were a kid? Do they barely fit over your beer gut? Bear the names of former Sox players? Have a hole in the sleeve, yet you can't stand to part with them? How about making them into a T-Shirt quilt?
  • Do you have boxes of magazine covers and newspaper front pages? Turn them into decorative wall-art
    Red Sox Magazine Art
  • Have you or your kids outgrown your sports equipment? Earn a little bit of cash by selling them to a used sports store? Or donate the equipment to your local Salvation Army or school
  • When you're at Fenway Park or your local sports venue don't leave your trash at your seat or throw it at your feet, take it with you and throw it out. If there are recycling bins, please use them.
These all seem like really simple suggestions, yet they can help make a world of difference. Read some posts by other bloggers today and see what they are doing. Together we can make a difference.

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