Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tim McCarver Sucks

OK, I promised myself I wasn't going to blog until after the weekend but Tim McCarver is pissing me off....again.....

Barfield's steal was NOTHING like Dave Roberts steal.
The situations were NOTHING like each other.



someonewhoisdefinitelynoterinbiscoe said...

You've echoed my comments exactly. Dumbass was just trying to make a stretching comparison between those two almost entirely contrasting moments to make his own broadcast seem more interesting and informative. Mission failure. All he's done is insult everyone who holds dear the memory of Roberts' base-stealing, game-tying feat. What a dipshit, but we already knew that.
You know what else pisses me off about this game? Look behind home plate. The closest thing that comes to team colors being worn back there is a Nantucket red, generic cap. Nothing but yuppies. Pathetic. Then they showed a shot of a group of "fans" sitting out in right field...they were all wearing pink or green Sox hats! Seriously, save the green for St. Patrick's Day and the Pink for your new born baby girl, unless you're rooting for a team called the Boston Watermelons!

someonewhoisdefinitelynoterinbiscoe said...

P.S. - Looks like some real fans have filled the seats of some of the yuppies that have left early, so we have some proper representation behind home plate.

p.p.s. - Gagne sucks.

p.p.p.s.- Nixon!? How could you!!!???

Liza said...

Ugh--I was SO hoping that the Ellsbury steal was going to be a reincarnation of Roberts. Guess I was wrong.

I say we petition Tito to leave Gagne off the WS roster (because, if he's wise, he won't let Gagne pitch and we'll win in 5). Who's with me?

Soxy Lady said...

SOWISNEB - I want to vomit.

Liza - YES! I'll sign that petition.