Monday, October 29, 2007

Our WORLD CHAMPION Boston Red Sox are Home!

My future Father-in-Law works at Logan - he waited outside for an hour (along with about 1,000 other Logan Airport employees!) for the Sox plane to land. Unfortunately, right before that happened the state police ushered them away so they weren't able to see the players exit the plane...but here's da plane! da plane!

However, these pictures got passed to me (taken, I believe, by a man named Tom Christopher) of some of our guys exiting the plane.

Who's going to the Parade tomorrow? I'll see you there!


charmaine.madamba said...

These are the days when I wish I were still in Boston. San Francisco, beautiful as it is, is not the same.

What do you make of that A-Rod announcement? I'm praying that he won't be donning the red uniform... surely the Nation won't like for him to be signed on as a Red Sox as well. I think the organization should keep to their strategy of having a good mix of the veterans, and a stellar scouting angle for new powerhouse talents.

Enjoy the parade...

ArtyBaby said...

Hey Soxy -- trivia question. I'm pretty sure they played a Bruce Springsteen video during one of the games -- but I'm not sure which one or for what song.
Any idea??