Friday, July 13, 2007

Mike Lowell Shirtless!

Ok, not really...but I was looking through my analytics tool and noticed I've had visitors to the site from the keyphrase "mike lowell shirtless."

I was wondering how that happened so I went to Google and typed in the term and lookie here! I rank in position seven!!!!!

My snippet never really put "mike lowell" and "shirtless" together - neither did my blog post.
Soxy Lady
8:19 - RBI double down the left field line for Mike Lowell! ... game when he drew a diagram on some poor shirtless Royal's fan chest...advising him where to ... - 90k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

The shirtless wonder I was talking about can be seen on these YouTube videos (it's damn funny...although the first one, your really don't need to watch past the two minute mark).

I think the thing that makes it more funny is that it was only the second game of the season.

I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to look around to see if I could find any shirtless pictures of Mike Lowell...but I couldn't! I'm sure they exist somewhere but not that I was able to find. What I can leave you with, is this shirtless picture of Gabe Kapler from - which should put a smile on your face!


Anonymous said...

Well, keep looking for pictures of Mike Lowell shirtless. I've been looking too and can't find a damn thing!

I'll keep you posted if I find anything.

(and yes, I stumbled to your site cause i was googling "mike lowell shirtless")

Soxy Lady said...

you rock - that's awesome. and if you find em' i'll post 'em.

-Di. said...

You can thank Saxaholix for the hits based on "shirtless mike lowell"

Well...a gal can dream. The hunt continues!!!