Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jason Varitek Shirtless

I'm just loving Google Analytics. Seriously.

First it tells me users are getting to my site by typing 'Mike Lowell Shirtless' and now I find out users are getting to my site by typing 'Jason Varitek Shirtless!!'

There are also these fine 'shirtless' terms

  • shirtless baseball
  • gabe kapler shirtless gallery
  • history shirtless wonders
  • shirtless red sox
So here's my question...where do these pictures exist (with the exception of the Babe, I mean Gabe Kapler ones...which we've all seen)? Because I want them.

Yep, I want to turn my blog into a series of posts exploiting shirtless Red Sox Players. Ok, maybe I don't want to turn my blog into that...but I'll take the shirtless pictures any day of the week.

PONY UP PEOPLE where do you find these? I'll have to do some research of my own...although not while I'm at work. I did a quick image search for 'Jason Varitek Shirtless' and got this result:

...Not exactly what I was looking for.

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