Monday, July 2, 2007

Ken Griffey, Jr.

I can't take credit for this post. I'm copying an email I got from my brother, I'm sure I'll do it more often now that he's given me the green-light to post his writing for all to see!

Over the last 15 years, has there been a more talented and revered player then Ken Griffey Jr.?

Baseball has had a lot of black marks recently, but Griffey has ever so quietly passed Mark "I cried in court because I know I cheated" McGwire in career homeruns while keeping pace with Sammy "I cork my bat and am linked to steroids" Sosa.

Imagine for a second if Griffey had not missed so much time due to injury (unlike Bonds who has an uncanny ability to grow new muscle). He might have been chasing down Aaron's record with Bonds–is there anyone that can argue that the country would be far more riveted if this was also Griffey's chase for that coveted mark? It's a shame that it isn't, but I'm still damn proud to have his rookie card!! (Thanks, Dad!)

On a biased side-note: how good would he have looked in RF for the Red Sox this year over J.D. Drew? Not too many players deserve a ring on their fingers like Griffey does. And his .292 BA, 21 HR, 53 RBI and nearly a walk for every strikeout (45 BB / 49 K) isn't too shabby for the nice guy on the wrong side of his 30's. Here's hoping he gets to 754 and retires out of respect for Aaron - it wouldn't shock me in the least from this once-in-a-generation outfielder.

I will have to go ahead and pretty much agree with my brother on this one, although I think Cal Ripken, Jr. could be right up there in the running!

And on that note, Hinske just hit a two out base-clearning triple so the Sox are now ahead of Texas 7-3. Sweet.