Sunday, July 29, 2007

Congratulations, Cal!

I'm a little bit verklempt today. I've been spending the morning trying to figure out why.

At first I thought it was because I bought my wedding dress yesterday and that was enough fun to bring any SoxyLady to tears.

Then I thought it was because the Sox have a 9 game lead over the Stankees - and if we can just get that 10 game lead back I'll be soooo happy.

Ummm..but that wasn't it. My next thought was because they are having My Boys marathon on TBS today and I freakin' love that show and cannot wait for it to start up again.

But then I realized it's Hall of Fame induction day and my childhood hero, Cal Ripken is being inducted into the Hall of Fame today. I know this might be confusing to some of you, as Ripken spent all 21 years of his career with the Baltimore Orioles and was never a Red Sox player but I did and continue to admire Mr. Ripken. See, I have family in Baltimore and they brainwashed me from an early age. But what better role-model to have than a guy who played 2,632 consecutive games and just loved his job. He didn't need a day of "rest" to get his mojo back. He showed up, did his job and worked hard. What I love is that Cal continues to keep the game as part of his life, helping shape the minds of young players.

Congrats Cal (and Tony Gwynn) -- I'm so happy for you. So happy I'm a bit verklempt.


The RS Bat Boy said...

After you get married. Will you still be "soxy" or will you stop taking care of yourself, now that you're married and don't have to try or care, and just become an overweight Yankees fan?

lucky number 33 said...

I saw Cal play a few times when I lived in Northern VA and I'm glad I did. Class all the way.

s1c said...

Ok, have been waiting for you to post. I know you were feeling verklempt, but come on its been like weeks!