Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cinco-Ocho is a Horse, Dude

Beth, over at Cursed to First just posted this great video of a Papelbon interview. You must watch. He not only trashes Beckett and talks about partying with JayZ but also says Alyssa Milano never "did it for him." Ok, he is obviously too young to remember 'Who's the Boss." Haha.

I decided to watch more of those video gems and came across this interview Paps did with Youk. I had NO IDEA the team also referred to Tavarez as Freddy Krueger! Hahahaha!!! And, again, Paps is trashing Beckett. What is going on there?!

Good times, good stuff...even though it is a little creepy when Papelbon refers to himself as 'Cinco-Ocho.'


The RS Bat Boy said...

Soxy Lady,

You're so soxy! Much better than that "full-of-herself": Yankee Chick (I like to call her Chickers)

but I'm going to just keep calling you "soxy"!

Rock On Red Sox! 90-45 by the time we roll into Yankee Stadium at the end of August! (what a cupcake schedule in August!!)

Soxy Lady said...

Who is this Yankees "Chickers" you speak of?