Thursday, July 12, 2007

2007 Baseball Season, Part Zwei

I don't really want to talk about how the AL won the All Star game...again...Or how Papi likely needs knee surgery...Or speculate on Schill's return and why they've been so quiet about it...

If you are interested in any of those topics, I have a blog roll of other great Sox blogs and you should really check them out. It's not that I'm opposed to the topics, at all...I just don't want to get depressed. I want to be ramped up going into the second half of this season. I'm a Red Sox fan, after all, and I know getting too optimistic means we're destined for failure.

Maybe reading quotes like this:
"56 of Boston’s remaining 75 games are against teams that were below .500 at the break."
should allow some optimism to show through, but honestly that just scares me a little. Because if we lose to sucky teams like that, we, well...we'd just be the Red Sox being the Red Sox.

So instead of all that, I'm switching gears. One of my friends on Facebook posted about his way cool bathroom. Remember a few years ago that piece on about Manny's son's bedroom? It's kinda like that. And I'm jealous. Here's what he posted on his website:

Sorry for the low res pics -- I need a new camera.... here I come!
The first thing you see is the
bathmat on the floor.

A picture of GATE E at Fenway Park, the entrance used to get onto the Green Monster. Jodie & my first game was on June 23, 2003 on the Green Monster. Many thanks to my old (and oh so nerdy) housemate Mike for getting us those tickets. It's definately an experience I won't forget!

Welcome to my GATE E.

How do you open cabinets in a baseball themed bathroom? With baseball knobs of course.
Boston Red Sox Fenway Park Logo mural that sits above the toilet -- designed by M-C of

This pic is sideways. It is, however, a painted foul pole line in the bathroom. If you look closely you can also see my new baseball shower radio.

A picture of Fenway Park's famous Manual Scoreboard.

My Boston Red Sox Fenway Park Manual Scoreboard Mural -- designed by M-C of

The scoreboard is of the June 23rd, 2003 game which was the first game Jodie & I went to.

A picture of the shower, with the GATE E sign above it. Also in frame is the Red Sox Logo Mural.
They no longer make single team MLB shower curtains. Using vinyl Boston
"B" stickers and a red shower curtain, I made one in little over 12 hours.

A closeup of the
Baseball Shower Curtain Hooks

A closeup of the shower curtain. It took 12+ hours to affix all the Boston B stickers on the curtain.

A Boston Red Sox Toilet Seat. No really.

With some help from Bud, I managed to build a baseball bat towel rack. LEFT


What Red Sox bathroom would be complete without Red Sox Towels?

Don't forget to wash your hands on the way out... SOAP DISH

Pretty cool stuff, huh? I think the only thing it needs to be complete is a roll of Yankees toilet paper! Good job, Prarit!

Do you have a "Red Sox Room" you want me to feature? Just email me: soxylady33 gmail com.

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This bathroom is amazing...

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