Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mike Lowell is Hot

Ok, ever since I realized people were searching for "Mike Lowell Shirtless" and reaching my site I've been wondering what the draw is.

I mean, he's an OK looking "older" guy, right?
He's a HOT older guy!

I just saw this blog post on Cursed to First:



It's official: I have joined the Mike Lowell Hot-Wagon.

It took a while for me to come around, but this is what finally did it:(Source:

Originally uncovered by Luna from Respect the Tek and Mike Lowell Hot-Wagon Ringleader Kristen and posted today on Surviving Grady.

So I guess I'll just add him to my list of yummy Red Sox players (btw, I am so keeping Gabe Kapler on this list since he is officially still part of the Red Sox Organization.)


lucky number 33 said...

Thanks for adding us to your blogroll!

Dude, Mike Lowell is completely hot. There is nothing to be done about it but get ready to cry if he's traded.

Jennifer said...

Love Mike Lowell. And yes will always love Gabe! He's so hott!

Just found your blog and love it. Fellow Sox lovers here!

girlanachronism said...

Funny how you can include the links I originally included in this post for attribution, but not a link to the original post you ripped off in its entirety --

The reason I found this is because you are still HOTLINKING the friggin photo from my site!!!

WTF? You couldn't find your OWN WORDS to say Mike Lowell is hot?!?

Remove this post immediately.

girlanachronism said...

I stand corrected. You DID give credit, I just didn't realize it.

However, I would prefer if the image was hosted on your own server rather than hotlinked from mine.


Soxy Lady said...

Dear Beth (girlanachronism),

I am sorry I have been neglecting this blog and the email account associated with it for far to long. I just saw and posted your comments.

I have fixed the hotlink error, which was an oversight on my part.

I NEVER intended to take ANY form of credit for your words. As you finally realized, I did give you credit for writing that blog post. I just went back and made an edit - bolding the link - so it would stand out more.

I would be more than happy to remove the post, if you still wish. I actually thought I was doing you a service, sending qualified links to your site. I guess trying to be nice can come back and bite you. I never intended to cause any anguish.

Please email me directly at soxylady33 gmail com if I can do anything to further.