Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Yankees are Losers! least today when they lost to Toronto 3-2. Even with ARod getting on base in the bottom of the 9th they couldn't come out on top. Here's our chance boys..bring our lead back up to 8 games. WE CAN DO THIS!

I did some soul searching and realized I can't get so down on our boys right now. We DO still have a 7 game lead, and while the Yankees play craptastic teams for the rest of the season we have a pretty craptastic schedule ourselves (save the trips out west in August and Sept where, historically, we don't do well.

And hey - maybe Drew will break out a little bit tonight and stop whining about his hammy. Vasquez is pitching for the Chi Sox and Drew has a .391 BA against him with 23 AB. That's nothing to scoff at. My dear Tek meanwhile is 0-10 with 5 Ks. Damn.

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