Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bittersweet Symphony

As much as I don't always love the guy, I have got to tip my hat to Curt Schilling. Not only did he just pitch the game of his life, and help the Red Sox to break their horrendous losing streak, he had a complete game thowing 71% strikes and got a one hitter. He pitched an alomst perfect 8 2/3 innings (a runner reached base on an error by Julio Lugo)...then there it is. He shakes of Tek, accepts the next call, throws the ball and WHAM Shannon Stewart rips a base hit. UGH! He was ONE OUT away from his first career no-hitter (would have been perfect game, if not for the error.) Instead, he "settles" for his third career one hitter and a Red Sox Win.

At first I was PISSED at Steward. Com'mon give the guy a break. But the A's were only down 1-0. He was the tying run on base. I guess you can't help him for taking the swing and doing his "job."

So no 'no-no' for Curt...Here's a guy who's had an amazing career but never won a Cy Young or had a no-hitter/perfect game. Amazing...


Anonymous said...

I like the Sox lady much better than the Yankees lady!

Kid Sox'in said...

Soxy lady,

I realy think you're very, very, well very soxy!!!!!

More soxy posts!!!!

More soxy posts!!!!

What did you think about the San Fran Sweep? (that's a dance? isn't it?)