Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Red Sox vs. Kansas City - Game 2

1st Inning
8:10 - I still need to get used to seeing Lugo in a Red Sox uniform. For a guy who was supposed to bring a hot bat to the team, going 1-4 (opening day) and 0-1 (so far tonight) doesn't thrill me. I know, it's only the BEGINNING of the second game. Patience my dear Soxy Lady! I don't know why I am expecting miracles from the start. Afterall both Manny, Tek and Coco are 0-4
8:12 - Youk flies out to right field
8:14 - Papi walks, lets see what Manny can do...
8:15 - Line drive to left field! Yay Manny!
8:16 - "Lets go Red Sox" man, how I've missed that chant. Yes, I watched the game Monday night, but I was in a bar and couldn't hear the fans. JD Drew, RBI double down the right field line. 1-0 Sox!
8:19 - RBI double down the left field line for Mike Lowell! 3-0 Sox! Ok, Tek come something here!
8:23 - Guess I should have been more specific, I didn't mean for Tek to fly out to center. But he did get a good piece of the ball. We should be thankful for that, at least.
8:28 - Beckett gives up a walk to DeJesus
8:31 - 5-4-3 double play!
8:32 - followed by a double...
8:34 - and Beckett gets out of the inning by a 3-0 pop up to right field. End of inning pitch count 18.

2nd Inning
- Coco stikes out looking

8:40 - Pedroia flies out to right
8:42 - 5-3 ground out for Lugo. 1 for 6 in the season
8:46 - 1st strikeout of the night for Josh
8:52 - Ground out, two out walk and eventually a fly out. Beckett is throwing a lot of balls. I'd be curious to find out what his ball to strike ratio is. Important thing is that the score is still 3-0, good guys.

3rd Inning
- Youk grounds out. They didn't show him walking back to the dugout, I wonder if he was cursing at himself....cracks me up when he does that. **Edit: It was the top of the 9th and we are ahead 7-1 and Youk strikes out and screams "FU(K!!!" afterwards. Calm down dude, we had a decent game, helluva homer. Let this one go.
8:56 - Quick pop out for Papi
8:58 - Strike three called on Manny.
OK, so you know how earlier how I said I wasn't sure live blogging was my "thing?" Well, I am sure now. It's not my thing. I might make some periodic comments during the game. But not this batter by batter thing. It's a snore-fest to write so I'm sure it's as boring to read.

One thing I have to mention is that Mike Lowell just got back to back errors. I can't believe it! He only had six errors in all of last season! Poor Lowell and he was having a good offensive game. I hope this doesn't set him off for the rest of the game. **Edit: Make that three errors on the game. Bottom of the 9th, two outs Lowell gets a routine 5-3 ball and short hops it to first. OK, well I'm going to try and put this behind me like I'm going to try and put Curt's opening day behind me.

Jerry did give some comic relief in the top of the seventh..momentarily forgetting to call the game when he drew a diagram on some poor shirtless Royal's fan chest...advising him where to groom his chest hair. He called it "manscaping" and compared him to Austin Powers - Good times, I missed Jerry. In the middle of the inning they went back to the guy, showing his back hair and where it conntects to his chest hair. I love when they get bored. Don said it's like he's wearing a carpet and even though he's shirtless in the 30-some-odd degree weather, he's surely warm.

Sox win 7-1.

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