Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Where did this cold weather (both here in the Boston area and in Kansas City!) come from? Snow in April? I do not approve!

Beckett is getting his '07 start tonight and there is a lot of hype around it. This is supposed to be "his" year - forget Dice K, people are saying Josh will be our star pitcher. Let's hope that starts with tonight. I have yet to decide if I'll live blog or not during the game. I'm not really sure it's my thing.

I also want to send best wishes to Jon Lester who will be starting tomorrow night with the Greenville Drive, under manager Gabe Kapler! If things go well with Jon, we could be seeing him as soon as May in a Boston uniform! I can only hope I'll be there for that reception when it happens :o)


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Peter N said...

Hi there! And now it's Friday...after 2 wins in KC. Impossible last year! Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Peter