Friday, April 6, 2007


I haven't read my daily blogs yet and have tried to stay away from any form of news before I wrote my Daisuke update. I can image this is what everyone has been fosuing on, and rightly so. The kid didn't do us wrong, infact he was pretty darn good.

I'm really looking forward to watching him develop as an MLB pitcher this year. If you weren't able to see any of the game, check out ESPN's video highlights of Daisuke's debut.

(photo courtesy of the AP)

Matsuzaka went 7 innings and gave up 6 hits and 1 run. He had 10 strike outs (1 less than the Red Sox rookie debut record), walked only one and threw 108 pitches - 74 for strikes. Most impressive was the 4th inning where he struck out the side on 14 (I think) pitches. Even though he got in bit of trouble in the 1st (which he got out of by turning a double play) and gave up a DeJesus homerun, the Sox came out on top 7-1.

I think fans who were there got to see the first game of a Red Sox legend. Too easy to make those comments? I'm wishful. Apparently we could have all been at the game. We should have banded together and chartered a plane, according to this article, it still would have been cheaper than us spending a day at Fenway!

On another note - The Daisuke Nike Commercial is great. I love it, almost as much as I love the beer commercial. Thank goodness for the Internet so we're all able to see stuff like this whenever we want.

Something else which deserves mention is Jon Lester's performance yesterday.
Lester made his first start of the year Thursday night for the Class-A Greenville Drive as he attempts to return to Boston's rotation after an offseason of cancer treatments and uncertainty. He shut out the New York Yankees' affiliate, the Charleston RiverDogs, on two hits over four innings before coming out.

When Lester left the game, he thought he had allowed only one hit, but afterward the official scorer ruled that Mitch Hilligoss' hard shot at Greenville third baseman Manny Arambarris was a hit. The scorer originally said Hilligoss reached base on an error.
I think it's safe to say we all wish Lester well and are excited about tracking his progress.

I'm listening to the Sox game at Texas. It's only the third inning, but....

Dear Dougie,

For the love of God. Please cut us a break.

Soxy Lady

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