Thursday, September 27, 2007

Who the He!! is Boof Bonser?

And what kind of name is Boof anyway? I'll tell you who he is, the craptastic pitcher who beat Cy Young candidate Josh Beckett in tonight's Sox vs. Twins game. There's nothing more he can do to help his team win the division, except sit on the sidelines with his pompons.

I'm sure this guy's named Boof too. Or maybe that thing on his head is called a Boof?

Highlights of the game?

  • Papi's Homer
  • Tek's Homer
  • Drew's second intentional walks in as many games
  • Hearing the Okie Dokie song
  • Seeing bad comb-over dude (above)
  • Eating Kielbasa with peppers and onions
  • Uncle Ron's name on the scoreboard*
  • We lost, Stankees won**
  • Leaving 12 men on base
  • Tek and Youk striking out in the bottom of the 9th with bases loaded
  • Jacoby Ellsbury leaving the game with a calf cramp
  • Not getting to hear 'Wild Thing' and 'Shipping Up to Boston' OR 'Dirty Water'
  • It rained
  • Did I mention we lost and the Stankees won?
  • Stupid security guard who tried to make us sit from the G-Spot***
  • Seeing the fan in the bleachers get thrown out after throwing a Twins homerun ball back on the field
*UncleTomBiscoeDad's brother, Ron, passed away two years ago to the day (tomorrow would have been his 62nd birthday). This game was dubbed the 'Uncle Ron Memorial Game' and was immortalized on the Fenway Park Scoreboard.

Ron Biscoe Memorial Game

** And they won, despite AFraud, Jeter, Posada and Abreau (were there more? likely) all sitting out because they were too hung over from last night (that's my guess why they weren't playing)

***For the past four years, as a season ticket holder, UncleTomBiscoeDad has ALWAYS stood at the "G-Spot" during the games. Tonight some pompus @ss security guard told him he had to sit. That has NEVER happened before. I mean, he's AGAINST the wall and NOT in anyone's way. What gives? Don't worry....he stood back up. Security was just nasty tonight.

G Spot Gang

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