Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I've Said it Before....

(photo courtesy of wallyg)
Magic Number to Clinch the Division: 3
Magic Number to Clinch a Playoff Spot: We Already Made it, Baby!

I'll say it again...Brian Bruney is my favorite Yankees player. This time b/c he gave up a Grand Slam (to Jorge Velandia - It was his first career homerun!) to change the lead in the 6th inning against Toronto. And this was after AFraud had pranced around the bases with his Grannie thinking he had won the game, and secured a playoff spot for them. Sorry Roger.

I love this picture.

(photo courtesy of Chris O'Meara/AP)

Look at Bruney. Look at Posada. Classic. The stankees had to use 8 pitchers last night! 8! Sweet. Don't get me wrong, I think they'll make the playoffs, and I think they'll be a strong contender but I love watching them sweat and wear down their pitchers.

Anyway, enough about them. How 'bout us? Curt pitched a strong game, Manny was back, Youk pinch-hit....All is well in RSN today. I'll admit I was a little worried when Gagne came in, but Paps saved him....with one pitch. And then, even though we were leading 7-1, Corey scared me a bit but we did it! I feel good, but not great. I'm hoping to feel great after tonight. If we can pull of another win and the Yankees lose again that means WE COULD CLINCH THE DIVISION on Thursday night when I'll be at the game! EEEKKK!!!!

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